A former security guard grocery store was Tarzan


Yeah, dude, sometimes in life there are times when you need to change something. This simple guy from Manchester, have done the almost impossible: he has completely changed his life, becoming a real Tarzan. Literally, he even has a branded bandage there.

Dewet Du Toit lives in the jungle and even petting a Cheetah. He also feels the elephant, screaming like Tarzan, riding on the creeper and wears a necklace of Python. In General, fun.

Diet desperately trains his body to survive in the harsh conditions of the jungle. Three days a week he runs through the mountains, swinging on vines, swimming in turbulent rivers and sleeping in trees. The rest of the time he lives quietly on a ranch with his parents and brother Rudolph.

Dude realizes that not every girl will be able to live with a guy who can not tolerate alcohol, but he knows what bugs can be eaten, but Diet still hopes to find his Jane. Romantic what to say!

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