A filter for purifying water while drinking…


The problem of clean drinking water is a very important problem, however. It is especially acute when you’re camping (and we on may holidays there were suffered from a lack of water and opportunities to wash up). But the smart guys from the site Thinkgeek has given us a magic wand NDūR Survival Straw, this wand will clean your water… right during drinking.

Now no need to boil water, cool it, pass through the gauze just put a straw and drink. Beauty!

According to the creators, the straw protects its owner from the harmful effects of most harmful bacteria that are found in dirty water costs. In addition to harmful bacteria, the magic straw will protect its bearer from most heavy metals. The filter can pass through up to 95 liters of fluid.

In General, the numbers are: our straw can hold 99 percent of heavy metals, 99 percent of harmful bacteria and viruses and 99% of the chemical. A reasonable question: «is it Possible to travel with her to the post-apocalyptic wastelands?» remained unanswered.

The cost is $ 30.


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