A fictitious funeral


Say especially nice things about myself can be heard at his own funeral. I do not think that it is quite sincere, but still. Chinese 22-year-old girl named Zeng Jia, staged a fake funeral, and all because he wanted to prank your friends and to feel «what it means to be truly alive.»

The girl collected the money, ordered the ceremony, the photographer, the makeup (to look more dead) and lots of flowers. She also bought a coffin, lay down in his favorite plush toy and began to wait, when people will get sick. The girl spent an hour surrounded by origami flowers and sokrushalsya her friends (I think that the relatives knew about it in advance, mom something was wrong to upset).

I think that friends are very surprised to put it mildly. Zeng and she said «enjoy your funeral» and very surprised by the attention that people give to a dead man: he is unlikely to appreciate it. I can’t disagree with a girl, only it is not necessary so to frighten!

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