A few tips on how to learn to play the guitar myself.

A little bit about how to learn to play guitar and why you need it

Not so long ago, in the days when there were no computers and smartphones, awesome cars and other modern chips that are now entertainment the guys were somewhat different. And to be the first kid on the block, it was necessary to have a six-string friend and virtuosity on her to in front of other guys was high, and most importantly — to attract the attention of girls (the charge for the record, girls love musicians). But now, despite the slightly different values and trends, many guys want to know how to learn to play the guitar to re-open the women’s hearts in romantic chords, well, or again, to have something to surprise the boys. And suddenly it won’t be just a hobby, a vocation, and starting with the strumming in your bedroom, you’re using some time suddenly organize their group and then begin to gather stadiums, well, who knows, because with this and started a now great and famous musicians.

Tips on » how to learn to play the guitar myself.

So, perhaps, in every endeavor there is the tedious part, in our case the study of music, already just by looking at them, I want to forget the idea of becoming a guitarist and look for another hobby. But it is actually not as scary as it seems, and is no more difficult multiplication tables, you just need to learn and remember. And to make it easier, don’t pile the entire musical notation, break learning into smaller steps, firstly, to not bother, and you weren’t raped, and secondly, a small part of the lessons easier to remember.

how to learn to play the guitar myself.

To help you such books as «the BASIS of Musical and applicatori thinking guitarist» by S. Popov. A good book «Musical notation», by Baxter, Harry; Baxter, Michael. «The new six-string guitar», by A. M. Ivanov-Kramskoy — another very useful book, which not only learning the notes but the basic Foundation of how to learn to play the guitar yourself, even if you previously had nothing to do with music. If you Google, you’ll find many more books on the subject, but in General it is enough to start one.

If the study of music didn’t scare you and desire as hot, and you have already purchased or rented or borrowed from good neighbors, relatives, friends, guitar, then it’s time to take it in hand. But, before you start to play and entertain others with their brilliant game, you have to enable it. There are several options, or watch video tutorial on youtube, or yet again to read about it in books, or ask a friend, if any. At the same time and stick to it unobtrusively to give you a couple of easy lessons, but if he ever, at least ask how to learn to play the guitar quickly and without notes, because this is possible and many start-UPS initially improvised, and then taught music.

how to learn to play the guitar myself.

That can be useful in this case? Of course all sorts of gadgets and programs, and do not think that one of them is your favorite Guitar Hero, it is, unfortunately, of little help.

RA Chord Hunter is a very interesting and completely free app. Useful in everyday life a beginner guitarist. It will help you to put the song on chords to understand how to play it. In addition, this program has some nice features, for example, can copy pieces of chords, record them graphically and digitally, and will help you to tune your guitar.

Power Tab Editor 1.7 is a free program. Another indispensable assistant for those who want to play tablature or edit it. And for those who do not want to pay for an expensive Guitar Pro. The latter, of course, better, but this software too.

ChordSolver 2.1 — perfect, very easy to use program for beginners. Good in the first place that perfectly teaches the chords.

So, armed with some knowledge, how to learn to play the guitar without any courses and schools, and books on the topic, useful programs and of course a guitar, you can safely proceed to the conquest of their dreams. And we wish you the best of luck in this business and do not be discouraged if at first will not work, as they say, all good Skorospelka, and skill comes with experience.

playing guitar

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