A few facts about the vagina

manygoodtips.com_24.07.2014_TGEr2R3tfHVzXYour penis is designed simply: he only has a few functions, and it means that you can read about it all you have beheld him only once. The vagina is of an entirely different, is a mysterious and complicated thing. A multifaceted tool that still causes men to wonder.

Prepare for enlightenment and surprise.

1.The clitoris


What you see is only the tip of the iceberg. Under the external head of the clitoris is a core that is shared on both sides of the vagina. In fact, the clitoris is within the range of 6 or 7 inches.

Inside the clitoris forms two «branches» that extend along the inside of her vagina. These «branches» are directly related to the point G. So, if you want to do with her unforgettable sex, then try to put it on a pillow during missionary position and RUB the clitoris and especially the «branching» that depart from it.



Women moan in the middle of the night. About a third of women can recall an orgasm in my sleep. While nocturnal orgasms are not as frequent night violations regularly recurring during sleep, up to five times per night.

And it’s not just her Clit, which rushes blood, it’s just as the entire genital area, making her more likely to orgasm. Even though you can’t see it with the naked eye, is to touch her shoulder to see what she’s engrossed in her sexual pleasures in her sleep.


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Her vagina is pH balanced. You’re not told in school in chemistry class: the vagina has a natural environment with a pH of about 4.5. In turn, the sperm has a pH of about 8. This is a natural way of neutralizing the environment in your vagina so that your sperm can survive there. But too much sex and frequent ejaculation can actually upset the pH level in the vagina, which can lead to bacterial infection.

We’re not telling you that you should abstain sex all night but let her out to pee during the period of respite, thus it can reduce the chance of infection.



The moisture content depends on the time of month. When we talk about abuse, we mean wet panty girl. That’s right: grease is one of the first signs of blood flow from arousal. But its moisture content depends on the period of her monthly cycle. When she’s ovulating, she quickly becomes wet.

By the way: the vagina has no lubrication, so you feel the wet, it is actually derived from the plasma from the capillaries of the mucous walls of her vagina. If you looked at the vagina during arousal, you would see tiny droplets. Type what you see condensation on a cold glass in the summer.



Women also have an erection. The erect clitoris will swell, become more sensitive and increase in size. Inside her vagina is also to be expanded, the blood flow will increase.

The vagina has several folds during sexual arousal, they allow the vagina to increase in length to roughly the same size as the penis. It’s hard to see, but her body responds to violations like your erection, although it may take more time than you. Still, it’s worth it to wait until she is fully excited.

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