A few bare facts about Chuck Norris

manygoodtips.com_16.12.2014_lkq7RqkU0TEgRHard to believe that this tough guy is already 74 years old, but his hair still the same red and steel balls, as in the first day his foot met on the way someone’s jaw. Many facts about him began to appear in 2005, and at one point it became difficult to separate truth from legend. Today you read a few absolutely truthful and bare facts about Chuck Norris and realize that he doesn’t want online fiction to be really really awesome ass.



His real name is Chuck and not even Charles. In fact, this amazing man name is Carlos ray Norris.



Since 1968, Chuck Norris never lost a fight, winning a total of 168 wins. Until this year he had only 10 losses, and 2 fights are kept to a draw. Plus a couple of unfinished battles, but we are afraid once again to talk about it.



He invented his own form of martial art. You probably know Chuck is a six – time world champion in karate among professionals in the heavyweight division. At one point, he was tired of it trivial, and he invented his own style of karate – «Chan-Kuk-do», which means «Universal way.»



He taught karate by Steve McQueen, a famous American film Director and screenwriter. In response, McQueen offered him the role in the movie. They both were friends with Bruce Lee and carried his coffin at the funeral. Also Chuck Norris taught martial arts Donnie Osmand, but he eventually chose a career in musical theatre.



If Chuck Norris is silent, you have serious cause for concern. His style of karate «Chan-Kuk-Do» has its own set of rules, a code of honor by which the person lives and his Creator. One of the regulations says: «If you can’t tell the person anything good, better not say anything.»



He appeared in ads for World of Warcraft. In it, Chuck acted as the fearless hunter, the warriors ranged, is able to set deadly traps and other traps. At the end of the video he asks the question, «what’s your game?»



He was the first Westerner who got a black belt eighth Dan in version of the Global Taekwondo Federation. Also, Norris has black belts in judo, Brazilian JIU-jitsu and Tang soo do.



One time Chuck was listed as an air policeman in the U.S. air force. He became interested in martial arts when he was on duty in South Korea. Also Norris is the honorary title of Marine and Texas Ranger, the last, perhaps, as a sign of respect for his acting work in «Cool Walker».



Chuck had his own line of fashion jeans. «Action Jeans» had a very convenient design that allows you to quickly and without hesitation to move by hitting roundhouse and not to tear the fabric on my ass.



Chuck Norris is the author of seven books, three of which have been recognized as bestsellers. The newspaper «New York Times» awarded him the title of best selling author. The most famous of his works – «the Black belt. Patriotism: How to reawaken America,» autobiography «in Spite of all difficulties,» and «artistic works» Riders of Justice» and «a Threat to justice».



Chuck Norris’s childhood was not engaged in any activities, did not show any sporting talent, and at school he was often beaten.

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