A fact of life that it is better to know now than later

If you’re young and stupid, like most of us, you have stood by that would be able to admit it. Do you understand what make a lot of mistakes. One more serious than another, but there are minor bugs, you don’t see, is to not care about them. All this can be overcome, however, there are several truths that we often forget. This forgetfulness comes back to bite us and we ruin their lives, literally killing your potential and all hope for happiness. I don’t want you lost all the good that you can have in life, therefore, following our advice, and may the Force be with you!

Here and now

You have to distinguish between the concept of «live for today» and «live for yourself». If the first worthy of the noble man, the second is destiny of the limited people that are not able to feel pleasure in things that are not associated with the baser pleasures. Heroes do not live for themselves, geniuses do not live for themselves, a strong personality, too, do not live for themselves. If we take the problem as a whole, strong person lives outside of that framework. But she needs to understand the importance of the moment.

The past is the pleasant time, if you are a historian and are trying to link past experience with present experience, trying to find the answer. The future is even more wonderful time if you’re a writer who wants to predict which way to go, humanity. Such people can afford careless with the time, but when you live a normal life, care in dreams or the past can lead to you crash — you lose the present, a Foundation that holds you on this planet. You have to understand it. Look at your life and ask yourself: «do I Live this?». If so, then move on in the text.

You make a decision

Not your boss, not your President and not even your God. Only you make the decisions. Each event has a point, which was the beginning of the whole chain of actions that led to this event. This point is you. You were left to work overtime, not because the boss is a louse and a jerk.

You were left to work overtime, because you decided not to elaborate at the moment when it was needed. Left you to work overtime because you wanted to do it, because if you stay, you are satisfied. Even if you get in trouble, you can not blame all decisions on others and the more you can not blame everything on fate, which can not argue. Every event is the result of your actions. If you accept, you’ll finally realize that he has the right to dispose of his life the way you want it myself. It’s a big responsibility, but it gives you incredible power. When we will talk about important decisions — you will cease to fear those who supposedly «controls your life», because such people simply do not.

There are no rules

Why not? There are no rules. Yes, all these rules that we have built around yourself — it’s all artificial constructs that we have created to make us easier to live. All rules, without exception. Moral, religious, legal and even the traffic rules. They simply do not exist in nature. It is important to understand, when you are asked to behave as accepted. However, we do not teach you to become a wild animal, but that doesn’t happen, there’s one important detail that you, us surrounds is culture. Culture helps people define the norms of behavior without any diktat from outside. Therefore, we suggest you to read books, not listen to uncles parliamentary immunity.

Everything goes

Failures and problems should be treated simply: shit happens. Even the most tragic incidents in your life which can leave a strong imprint that will remain in the past. This does not mean that you don’t have to remember the important episodes of his life, but it does mean that they should not take power over you. We recently read the stories of kids that dropped atomic bombs (Hiroshima and Nagasaki), they have experienced terrible events, these events changed their lives, but they remained strong, and therefore alive.

The problem is that in your mind sometimes there are holes and they should immediately lay to you sank his ship.

For this you have to be very honest approach to life that focused on what a man should be strong, whatever happens.

Most of your fears were nonsense

Let’s talk about fears. What are you afraid of? Write all of their fears on a sheet of paper. Imagine them live, look them in the eye and burn the paper. We perform this procedure every time in doubt and afraid of something. Fear is a parasite of the mind, unable to move on. And, fortunately, most fears have no background — they are ephemeral, like ghosts that exist only in the imagination or on television. If she says no, it’s not terrible. If you lose your job — find a new one. If beaten, it will heal the wound and fight back.

Alien thought has its value

It’s true. Every thought has its value, but it is not more expensive than yours. And it is necessary to understand, when you start to take seriously the criticism. The people around are not fools. Many of them understand that you are saying. And you may be mistaken, however. But it doesn’t matter when your mistakes are your mistakes. It is impossible that your ship was led by the captain of another ship. Imagine a situation at sea. This is absurd, which will lead to the collapse. If we took life into their own hands, then don’t give it to other people — be brave even when you make bad decisions.

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