A date for the masquerade!?


Tomorrow am a very interesting girl on a first date… And nothing? but the date will be held at the club at the masquerade! Prior to this, have not seen her, met on the Internet (it’s bad, I know). Can you give some tips on how to be because, even though she agreed to go, I don’t even know how to behave in this case?

The masquerade? Are you serious? I thought that shit ended in the XIX century. A date at the masquerade — this is the same trash like a blind date at the masquerade. Dude, give up on this shit, and faster. Otherwise you’ll never be able to go to masquerades with this friend. Oh God, where’s it going? You have her still on the beach in January called. On the other hand, it’s an awesome idea, you’ll be in the mask, and if something you don’t like it, you can always slip away from there, although it is not the godly thing to do and better not do.

Come this way. It’s the weekend, we are all editors on the loose, and I understand that your question is not urgent, but we can’t leave our readers in the lurch.

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Finally, we wish you the best of luck and please unsubscribe in the comments how it went, we all would like. Keep us informed of events.

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