A couple of words about the wrong decisions

bad decision

Spontaneity can be a wonderful quality. It keeps thoughts fresh. However, to be spontaneous in the important decisions that require thoroughness — it’s irresponsible. It’s fast. This is stupid. If you like, was self-destructive.

I often self-sabotaging. First do and then think. The majority of decisions was accepted solely on the enthusiasm. When the idea seems exciting or fun, it’s easy to convince me, I can easily convince himself, and doing almost anything. And when the job is done and the dust has settled, a lot of ideas in retrospect be what I now think from the perspective of a Mature adult.

If I had a Nickel for every time before I take a bad decision, I have a whole apartment was crammed with them. They could swim as if I were Scrooge McDuck. I’m an impulsive idiot I would bet they dived.

Here’s the story of life. One day I went to get a job. Head I immediately did not like very much this guy liked to talk. At the interview we need to talk about me, because they need to know who I am and what I can, but this guy spent an hour talking about his life. I’ve realized that I will not be able to work with him, but decided that the vacancy should not overlook it, because the experience is priceless. What is the result? I worked there for six months and left, because the chief idiot and I would cooperate with him. What you need to sculpt the hunchback? I am from the first moments I realized that the idea is doomed to failure, but still went to slaughter. For what? In the name of what? Maybe I was drunk? I was not. But drunk, I also took the wrong decision, because under the beer good decisions, in principle, no one ever takes.

What I want to say? When I signed the papers and said Yes, I one hundred percent knew there’s no turning back. I agreed to work, while the nasal voice somewhere in the back of my skull told me not to, advised me to immediately tear your ass off the chair and escape to another place while I’m intact and not destroyed billions of nerve cells. I was not myself that day and every following day in the workplace. But the deed was done. I had a Desk, a key from the office and a mountain of work. It was too late — or at least I thought so.

Never turn off the sound of this voice when he suddenly arises in your head. He is always right. Always. Every goddamn time. Some people doubt themselves and are afraid. Sometimes doubt is not necessary, but in most cases such a voice are enough to do what he signed up for. If you don’t smoke weed and don’t wear a helmet in order to go shopping, no matter how impulsive you: you still have a mind that is also says.

Always listen to yourself.

Deliberately making mistakes is a strange phenomenon, but each of us happened to do it. We are all human. However, people also have the habit to restrain their impulses and to be sustainable. Maybe you cheated on your girl that didn’t deserve it. Maybe you depression quit your job, having no other relevant proposals. In any of these cases, of course, you know I did something wrong.

I think the vast majority of us have taken in the future will take the wrong decisions. I know this has happened to you. While you’re reading this, you’re doing introspection. And you realize you’ve made a mistake, knowing what it will bring.

Sometimes bad decisions are made because of boredom, trying to shake his mired in the stagnation of life. Sometimes, even often, it is the conclusions that come some the wrong way. With all happened. But if you’re like me, all this happens with some superhuman enthusiasm.

People are animals. In zoos, gorillas, if they are not kept in cages, doesn’t everything what could reach. Everyone would run away, shit would fly everywhere and the figurative and in the literal and in the end the zoo was destroyed.

Sometimes we need to restrain ourselves, to lock ourselves in a cage and weigh all positive and negative aspects of their actions.

First think, and then do it.

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