A couple of cool motorcycles with a distinctive design

manygoodtips.com_13.01.2015_oEQdIch96JcRoModern sophisticated consumer is extremely difficult to surprise with anything really, but when the market appears something worthwhile and admirable, that doesn’t go unnoticed by the world community of lovers of bikes. Today we have found for you a few «iron horses» with a very interesting design and functionality. Admire not salepay shirt with saliva.

1. Full Moon Concept

Slovenian manufacturer Akrapovič motozapchastey and workshop Dreamachine Motorcycles (their past partnership saw the creation of the legendary Morsus in 2011) once again struck by all the photographers, journalists and guests present at the recent exhibition in bad Salzuflen which took place in Germany, their new unique motorcycle – the Full Moon Concept.

Full Moon Concept – an extravagant and technically exceptional «iron horse», which is quite different from his predecessor’s features, was created to amaze all those who were indifferent to Morsus, if at all possible. The name of the bike comes from the huge 30-inch front wheel, made of aluminum and carbon fiber with a huge composite disc brakes. Structure and body made entirely of sheet steel and form an extension to the exhaust.

Over 800 hours spent on the creation of Full Moon Concept: it is based on engine S&S Knucklehead 1524 in cubic centimeters, the motorcycle is equipped with automatic control and has the ability to be parked vertically in the rear fairing integrated twin exhaust system Akrapovic. According to the creators, they are very proud of their ultra-modern and futuristic bike and even thinking about the release of this model on a commercial basis. At the moment there is only one instance of this bike.

2. Electrocycle Johammer J1

This all-electric motorcycle was created by Austrian company Johammer Motorcycles, and he has an original design in the style of art Deco and, most important (especially for elektronickou), a decent cruising range: 150 miles (battery capacity of 8.3 kWh) and 200 km (the battery capacity of 12.7 kWh). Large batteries J1.200 recharge to 80% takes 3.5 hours, and the version J1.150 – 2.5 hours. The developers plan to release about fifty such bikes, and the cost of the motorcycle will be: J1.150 – € 23 000, J1.200 – 25 000 euros.

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