A complete guide to espionage in social networks

social networkRecently happened to me that was so stupid, but so it is significant that from this was born the whole text. Intrigued? So, preamble.

Usually the mate label Vkontakte I ask a stupid picture — it just so happened. There I and a falling basketball player LeBron James is known for, among other things, just their ridiculous falls, and the nameless dude from the English marketplace, which sold a crazy jacket and silly animals in funny situations, in General, have fun as you can. Among all this stuff there is one picture, which was my true face. She is also stupid, so respond to the General trend, but the contrast is still there: this is my true face. So I was setting Vkontakte, procrastinate, not bothering anyone, when suddenly you hear a distinctive sound: who liked my avatar. This one is nodding acquaintance, and just like in my photograph with a real person. I was dumbfounded, refresh the page — Leica was not found. But now I know it for spying on me ha ha, gotcha!

I’m not afraid of not happy with my ego — just a man slept. So, you can imagine how she’s embarrassed. To you, man, will not commit such silly mistakes, read our post.

Do it at home. One

The champion’s Council, applies to all things we are not proud of: to walk around naked, sing loudly, dance like a freak fart — it is necessary to continue? Now, the Internet is also need to carry out excavations in his fortress. The reasons are obvious, and even more than you can imagine. First, you don’t want to get on this unworthy occupation. Imagine how embarrassing it is when a friend or colleague sees you on someone else’s page! However, these arguments are not exhausted.

Remember how the people will squeeze the pimples. This limits the degree of concentration. You stand inches from the mirror and concentrated on doing their dirty business. If at this moment to distract you, there will be a disaster or you, or stimulus, or for acne. Same thing here: you need extreme focus, otherwise you’re just licnese someone else’s photo or slept others in this way. It was weird, man. Into your minds.

Don’t make any marks

No phone, in a text document, regular universal paper never write down. Even if you see you are interested in the person sitting in the same club where you’ve wanted to go forever and forget the name — just try to remember. The same applies to any clothes, drinks, food and movies. If someone sees your weird records, you will have to find an excuse — and it is unlikely that it will be brilliant. Nothing, except your head.

If you meet the object of his espionage, does not betray itself,

Under any circumstances do not talk to this person about what you saw in his profile until you know him close enough. Only then can you detect before him your knowledge of his page. I don’t accidentally say you know about a lot of information and are accustomed to this knowledge, therefore, may accidentally blurt out the excess. Don’t think. Keep your mouth shut. Chatterbox — a godsend for a spy, or rather, useless Internet spy. Palis don’t know when his birthday is, what’s the name of his cat, friends, what did he do on Tuesday and what pub was sitting on Saturday evening. Something will slip in the conversation, so try to actively remain silent. Own peril.

Treat equipment carefully

Scroll slowly. I want to focus on some specific post — stop and hands off the screen, touchpad or mouse. If necessary, do them in his castle, or lay behind, like a teacher who walks around the class and dictates to the students what to write. Be cautious and careful and do not let these humiliating errors, and if you happen to licnese someone else’s photo, not ulikivi it and don’t close your profile. Person you slept, probably already knows of your existence. There is no point in hiding — keep your dignity.

No espionage drunk

Only sobriety, but hardcore. You cannot get stuck in social networks, and be drunk. You don’t drive when you drink? Or is it lead? Drunk, you relax, allow yourself more and judge everything from a very different angle. Beer increases your chances of being caught, like everything, comment on posts, and the next morning to see how much you disgraced. You will have fun once, and then be ashamed before the end of his days.

More and more

Think about it: what would you be now if it wasn’t for your excellent skill for everyone in social networks? And nowhere. You would have had no idea how to live your ex. You would have had no idea how someone else’s girlfriend looks in a swimsuit. Have you seen how miserable people look in the group photos. You wouldn’t know that your friend eat for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. You wouldn’t know they had new stuff. Anything you didn’t know that. Unfortunately, it has become a part of our lives. So humble yourself and live by those rules.

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