A complete guide for those who want to survive in a world of nasty fellows


Unfortunately, most people do not know how to live. They live categorically wrong, because the hang on additional problems, coming up with new and try to follow the rules, instead of having to come up with something or improvise. As a result, we have complain about the life of people with a swarm of cockroaches in his head, dissatisfied with life, evil and only care about someone else’s opinion. Don’t make yourself a punching bag, man! We’ll talk about how to heal a painful attachment to the opinions of others and how to survive in this world of ordinary hacking misanthrope.

Rule 1: People can discuss with you right now

And it can happen right now. At the moment. Some people you just don’t like it. And they will not miss the opportunity to walk on you and wash up bones. All the lies. Seriously! Men, of course, less, as busy working girls, but most of all gossiping and having fun. Even a small retelling of the stories of you with a certain assessment of your business, there’s gossip. Sycophancy, friendly attitude, and a complete ignore of it does not save, if you’re doing something good, bad, or do nothing at all, you still will someday become objects of gossip or discussion. Discussion the appearance, habits, lifestyles, world views, interests — I can assure you once this takes place behind your back. Even your good friends, acquaintances or colleagues can discuss your actions from the point of view of «right/wrong» or «I would have done/not done». Gossip from ordinary people distinguished only by the frequency and moral satisfaction from the process. This world is huge, it is likely that you will find the one who you will be admired and loved for no apparent reason, so never worry that someone might understand you wrong, think of you not — they already most likely did. Please note.

Rule 2: You don’t need everyone to love you

Nobody needs universal love. First, even if you become a rock star, surely there is someone who you genuinely love. If you’re a good guy, there is someone who will consider you a hypocrite, most likely deservedly so. So be yourself and don’t be m*a duck. The percentage of people that will sympathize with you, of course, will be higher.

You know, man, when people don’t like you, nothing happens. If they are not, of course, you dig a hole on the way to work and not hire a hit man. The world does not end! You don’t feel that someone is persistently breathing down your neck, you don’t feel anything about it. Well, you know, there is a phrase «the best revenge is to live well» garbage, of course, vain, but pretty accurate. Just go on.

Rule 3: There are people who sympathize with you

That’s on them and need to focus. Don’t need to take it for granted that the boss thinks you’re a cool guy, and several friends who respect you and a handful of friends, always for you. And you have family and a few nice people. Even within your family there is someone who clearly dislikes you. And you know what, man? Don’t worry about it! If it is native, this does not mean that you have to follow him around on his hind legs! What is this Soviet mentality?

Rule 4: Those who don’t give a f***her brains out, change the world

All the rules of successful people lies in the fact that when each of their entourage was shouting that all they do is madness, and every unfriendly actively composted their brains, they sent them on a walking journey to yuh and continued to do what they thought was right. If you don’t pay attention to all these enemies around, it will be easier and clearer.

How to get rid of obsessive desire to live by the opinions of others?

Actually quite simple. I have identified, focusing on their experience, five ways to do so that you will be interested in the negative opinions of others.

1. Look like you used to be always embarrassed

Do you have a raincoat on a floor or cap as in Sherlock Holmes? Do you have a favorite cowboy hat and impenetrable black sunglasses? Someone once gave you elf ears and a costume Bilbo Baggins? Put them on and go with friends to walk around the city. If you’re not Gopnik, the only reaction that you can see along the way — a friendly surprise. My good friends for every holiday such as New year, March 8 and day of birth go for a walk to the city center in costumes of the 19th century or some historical clothes. On New year’s, and Halloween they are under vampires and witches. Well, show them a couple of idiots with their fingers, most of which pass by or smile. But you will be able to feel that the majority of people who don’t know you, will forget about you in a few minutes.

2. Don’t avoid inconvenience

If you have something that makes you feel uncomfortable, it is not necessary to avoid it. I’m afraid big companies — welcome to them. Afraid to meet girls, meet girls! Just stand up and go to him! Even if they’ll obsmeyut, remember that the world does not end. You don’t die after that, even if you will be very issued. If someone is rude to you, or pushes in response to not mumble like an idiot, push it twice as hard. Of course, if this dude you are not twice. But even if so, not mumble anything back, stay well!

3. Give up any restrictions

You can’t something to say or object to another person, spit on it and talk back. Only without rudeness and without the threat of personal and professional success. Still, if you’re a young doctor, don’t be rude to the chief physician of the clinic a huge. One could argue, most importantly, to include the head to understand where to and where not. Don’t take the choice that seems to you. Don’t let people dictate how you should live. It’s your life!

4. Tell the truth

No need to speak the unpleasant truth, so you do not become cool so you’ll be m*a duck. This is an important concept, man! Don’t let evasive answers, tell me what you think or as what you think. People appreciate sincerity, or something that sounds like that. If you don’t know something, don’t say that you knew and forgot. If you don’t like something and it’s just no one important to you do not offend, say so. Hell, it’s so easy, I tell the truth! Why are some life hacks?

5. Start a whole new life

Nothing in your life will not change if you don’t rethink their views, will begin to create their own opinions and do not impose on others. Nothing, I repeat nothing will change if you do not understand that fully depend on the outside world is wrong and only gets in life. Don’t be a misanthrope, don’t be different, be canny. Find your passions, take care of them and never doubt them, if someone will tell you that what you do is the essence of shit. If someone around you speaks like that, it is harmful alone, but with harmful friends you have to have a short conversation.

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