A cold shower will make you a man

A cold shower will make you a man. And we are ready to vouch for such a bold statement. But won’t such sadists — we don’t want to see you die, so if the cold did not grow together, start with a contrast shower in which biting hot jets of alternating hot ice cold water.


In the novels of the famous «agent 007» James bond washes only under a contrast shower. Of course, Mr. bond so cool is not through the soul, but because this is how it was described Ian Fleming, who believed that MI6 and the rest do not work, but in real life the psychological and physical benefits of the soul be felt.

We turn to science, which has still not recovered from the shock after the statements of Saudi scientists that the Earth is flat. Science has found the strength to confirm that a cold shower:

— stimulates fat loss;

— speeds up metabolism;

— increases testosterone;

— improves the condition of skin and hair;

— increases sperm count;

— improves blood circulation;

— improves immune function;

— improves muscle recovery;

— increases alertness;

— improves sleep.

It would seem, a panacea for all diseases! Wash yourself properly and healthy, what more do you need to be happy? But not wash — cold. It’s like in sports — everyone understands the benefits, but few deals.

But unlike sports, the use of the soul is not immediately clear. From sports muscles grow, pounds go away, the breath matereet and wash nothing grows. But health is added.

Will power and discipline

In the absence of will power even the most complete collection of virtues and talents is completely useless.

— Aleister Crowley —Cold shower trains willpower, and this is no joke. What in this life could be done without will power? Nothing. It forces you to quit, take this life, take courage.


Remember about this one experiment. Psychologists were divided into two groups of unhappy, hungry students and sent them to the room where stood two bowls. In was delicious, just taken out of the oven chocolate chip cookies and the other with a bitter and much less appetizing radishes. The first group was allowed to eat as many cookies as they want, and the other allowed to touch only to the radishes.

After this blatant act of injustice, the students were sent to solve the puzzle. However, they did not say that it is impossible to decide — the researchers simply wanted to measure how much time each group will last. Radioed gave up after 8 minutes, the cookies eaters — 18.

What are the results? That will power as well to train as muscles. But after the chopping is quite difficult to go and collect grandma’s sofa is very energy consuming. And radioeco — supply dried up. But there is no limit to perfection: the more you train your willpower — so you have more margin of safety.

And once the good news is you can achieve good results, spending no more than a minute a day. Simply by going to shower, turn the faucet to «cold» and wait there for a minute. It’s scary, unpleasant and humiliating, but damn it, it works. Will power trains only discomfort.After this you feel focused, attentive, and there is a strange feeling, like a second wind. A good compromise to improve the lives of a minute under cold water.

But as you accustom yourself to cold water can improve your career? It gave the answer the Australian scientists, who said that willpower, like a disease. It is necessary only to reverse itself in one area (say, you learned to save money), suddenly it becomes easier to bring himself into another (e.g. Smoking). So here: shower could be the beginning of something big.

Control own emotions

Every morning I started with a freezing cold shower. I have been taking it for seven minutes every morning, it immunizes your body and your body begins to get used to the cold. It really works.

— Liam Neeson is Probably the best idea, which will allow you to live your life for no apparent disappointments, is: «should You be comfortable with uncomfortable things.» For example, itch your nose — don’t scratch it, wait till by itself, and with other things do the same. It teaches us that the most uncomfortable things are temporary and disappear with time. You must control the body, not Vice versa.

Same with the shower — need to endure the discomfort until it becomes a force of habit and will cease to bring trouble. In the beginning every touch of cold water will cause you a girly squeal, but the hand will reach for the valve. Better pomaderris, pracrices, but we need to swallow.

All of these processes have a profound philosophical message: you can’t control your surroundings but you can control your reaction to it. You stopped shaking from the cold and screaming, getting into the shower means, and in another work.

Make the negative


Have you ever paid attention to the rankings of the happiest countries? Of course, this is complete garbage, because each person has his own notion of happiness, and the only state where there is an official Ministry of happiness is Bhutan.

But there is a pattern. Pay attention to the list of the most happy:




The Netherlands






You need the globe to understand the pattern? So, in these countries, damp and cool in the summer, not to mention winter. Asking two questions. First: should the people who live in perfect weather conditions all year round, be happier? And second: what the hell are we in our it doesn’t feel special grace?

The first question to answer is quite simple: comfort spoils people. Remember the rat experiment «universe-22» where God’s creatures even in a comfortable environment began to create lawlessness.

An American journalist from valiant and still wild Montana as he described his brief experience in Los Angeles with the words: «These bastards always something don’t like, even the weather.» But in «city of angels» the perfect climate: not too cold, not too hot, nice breeze. As a journalist, which is similar to the climate after Montana seemed paradisiacal, says that the locals are constantly complaining about the weather.

Life in uncomfortable climate teaches patience and humility. Not the same slavish humility, and understanding that not everything in this life from you. But if you can’t change such things as the climate (even if a year to run on Norway, spraying the hairspray, I still do not get to burn the ozone layer that Norway is warmed up), then there is nothing to be sad. You should try to be happy in such conditions.So take the bad, to live better. And take a cold shower: it’s unpleasant, cold, hard to move (just a description of the climate of Finland), but teaches patience and reduces susceptibility to disease.

But the second question we answer will not give, because not only the cold determines the level of happiness.

From the breath to the immune system

Cold — your door to the soul.

WIM Hof —WIM Hof — a very interesting man, very caring to all the cold. He spent 73 minutes in a transparent tube, filled with cold water with ice, ascended the French Blanc, being dressed in shorts and swam for about a minute under the ice of a frozen lake. Doctors admire his immune system and he tours the world and tells about his secret breathing technique.


Imagine that you are going to dive into the icy lake in winter. Really imagine. What are you doing in the first place? Change your breath. When you’re given an invigorating jet of cold liquid, you often begin to breathe, and after immersion in icy water, even the feeling of fatigue.

Correct exercise Visu leads to hyperventilation of the lungs and, consequently, to increased blood flow and excess of carbon dioxide in the blood, which expands the capillaries in your extremities, helping them to stay warm.

This largely explains why almost every meditation practice involves breathing exercises. If you focus on your breathing — so you focus on one point and not hanging around mentally from the depths of the subconscious.A cold shower will put this aspect of meditation in the mode of «Overdrive». Vim says that his body, tempered by cold and the proper circulation of blood, learned how to kill the disease in the Bud. So you can be trained to perform pranayama directly to the soul.

Another life hack: when you can’t focus — imagine that you’re standing neck-deep in icy water, it immediately invigorates the thoughts.

Know your place

Nothing burns like the cold.

George Martin, «Game of thrones» —I Remember such fun two years ago under the name «Ice Bucket Challenge?» Even Zhirinovsky took part in this obscurantism. It was nice to see how people who consider themselves gods, screamed like bitches. Immediately obvious — the same people as we are.

Cold water reminds the man about who he really is. This psychological momentum from early in the morning, able to bring to life and remind you of who you are and what you want.

When you start to take a cold shower regularly, you will notice changes after a month or two. Will have more energy and discipline — another reminder that we’re all human beings, and the cold is stronger than your misplaced boast.

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