A classic, required reading #8

A classic, required reading #8

Continue to discuss and advise the best that got humanity from their ancestors.

Sometimes, making a list, makes you wonder how to evaluate if a work is classic?

On the Statute of limitations? Or copies? But in the 18th century wrote no less people than now, and «50 shades of grey» cannot be called a classic. Maybe it’s inherent wisdom, which must pass the test of time. A small, but education. From that and proceed, making lists.

1. «Vanity fair» by William Makepeace Thackeray


But in Vanity Fair the title and coach quadruplets toys more precious than happiness.Who knows what’s what in literary satire better than the English? And perhaps no one. William Makepeace Thackeray was one of the largest British writers of even the intelligent and sardonic satire, which laid the basis as it had in the inscrutable British humor, and world literature at the same time. After all, the English writers are very appreciated and loved. The main craft of the writer was journalism, so he was a master in highlighting the morality of society (especially in the weekly mode). Journalists are people who are cynical and a bit rough, used to look at life from the position of the critic and the viewer, and perhaps that is why the rather peculiar introduction of the novel, the author invites us to watch a puppet show, alluding to the fact that all participants of the action — just puppets. As they say, the whole world — theater and people are actors in it. And then… then begins the exciting action on 900 pages.

Although, of course, the work will not please everyone. Too many digressions, a lot of author’s reasoning, with little dynamics. In addition, the novel describes the events that occurred in the Napoleonic era — solid refined classic literature on people’s time and society. But the classics on the classics that are timeless. And the two main characters, one of whom is the daughter of wealthy parents, and incorrigible idealist, and the other is trying to break into high society. Although, as he wrote to Thackeray, is a novel without a hero. There are no 100% good and 100 % bad characters, so don’t rush to blame Becky sharp. I think desire does not arise, because Thackeray so accurately able to describe human emotion, is not alone. After all, we ourselves thought that any attempt to break into the top light is good.

2. «10 little Indians», Agatha Christie


The last Negro wearily looked

He went and hanged himself and then there were none.The Queen of detectives not to remember sin. Only it is necessary to choose exactly what to recommend. Agate is in fact a talented lady, so to advise something specific very, very difficult. Probably in the compulsory program need to include «murder on the Orient Express. One thing to look at David Suchet’s in the way of principle, the Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot, and quite another to read about the adventures of the eminent detective and his legendary mustache, a mustache, and you had no actors.

Brilliant, a real page-Turner that keeps the reader in suspense throughout the entire novel. A classic story: a bunch of suspects, the killer is unknown, enclosed space, no gardeners to dump them in the crime. But impossible to resist, a beautiful speech, leisurely, and fascinating narrative. The something to read by the fireplace.

Although Ms. Christie’s smartly written and horror stories like «10 little Indians». This book scares, excites and shocking despite the fact that all the uptight, arrogant and English.

The story of 10 strangers invited to the castle by Mr. and Mrs. Owen took turns to die, worth reading no less than its Soviet adaptation of the viewing. «10 little Indians» Thriller on the level of Stephen king, cutting out on the background of other works of the writer. The only difficulty was to remember heroes, but much harder to find the words to describe the magnificence of the work. It is very stylish.

3. «The magic mountain», Thomas Mann


Any coherent judgments, not one of abstract thought people did not Express no in order not to give himself away, unconsciously not to put all your «I» not to transfer symbolically the leitmotif and the original problem throughout his life.Dilute finally, the excess British something German, as in the First world. Sin is not to say about Thomas Mann and his Magic mountain. To describe this long, beautiful, intelligent, wonderful, deep, interesting, philosophical, historical, visionary, ironic, serious, classic, modern, romantic, amazing work can only be good and very literary words. «The magic mountain» — a large, even very large work, but there is not a drop, not a word extra. It should be so monumental and so philosophical. But the book don’t have to like it, in the end, there are a lot of philosophy and too much of a big space where nothing is happening. But there are a lot of personal experiences of the author. Described a hospital for tubercular came not from the sky, it treated the wife of the writer. His mood, understandably, was disgusted and thought climbed a purely philosophical about life, death and people, religion, history and human relations.

For this work Mann received the Nobel prize. It was called an adept of German literature of new time, although it is more suitable XIX century, there is such a speech. Fans of psychoanalysis to read.

4. «The trilogy of desire,» Theodore Dreiser


Rejoice that on your way met a poor man, because by helping him you help yourself.Trilogy Dreiser is able better than any business training to explain how the world works and what you need to do to be successful. Not disingenuous Dreiser, Dreiser is sincere, he placed these tips into the framework of artistic work, decorated no less than three huge books, which are very interesting to read. The uniqueness of the trilogy that she says and in detail describes in detail the financial, political, cultural and social life of America in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Anyone who loves biographies and is obsessed with the dream to break a big jackpot, we strongly encourage you to read this piece. Rather, with three separate novels: «the Financier», «Titan» and «Stoic».

Throughout all three books you are invited to observe the life of Frank Algernon COWPERWOOD, who with a simple speculator turns into a financial shark with millions of dollars (this is from the time). A lot of attention is paid to the machinations of dark scenes financial and political life and, of course, human development. Here and about cheating, about the envy is the best biography is not found. Overall, this book is about how the world works.

5. «Fathers and sons» by Ivan Turgenev


The appearance of vulgarity is often useful in life: it weakens too high tuned strings, sobering cocky or closability feelings, reminding them of his close kinship with them.Still, Turgenev’s a genius. Only one way Yevgeny Bazarov raised the problem of the eternal conflict between parents and children, between old and new, between the outdated and the future. Eternity, boundless eternity in these lines. Look at yourself, your parents, for generations, still do not understand how you can earn through entertainment, how can you not believe in God and how you can svyatotattsev things about the native are undeniable. Look, and then read. The only difference is the time of the action. Bazaars — modern unprincipled cynic, not an omega, not an owl, not a hipster, but the majority to which all aspire. The nihilist, in a word. The current «couch critics» all on its own Bazarov. But Bazarov in our time (as indeed it was then) — it means to be wise in flock of sheep. All anything, if I thought there was so many egregious errors.

The opposition of principali in Kirsanova and unscrupulous in… we have too many remembered his name, something eternal Golden grain, which at all times will be important. Without nurse, adult problems for boys. It’s not «the noble nest», it is for everyone.

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