A classic, required reading #7

For us, as well as earlier classics — the best cure for all ills. Especially in those cases when already helps nothing. You read the book — and you will have joy, and you will have wisdom. We are not the book and recommend Rogozin, Prokhanov, and normal things that they will really help.

1. «The life of David Copperfield, told by himself» Charles Dickens


I think you have no reason to consider themselves small and insignificant, unless you like it.They say that a classic of British literature was in life a very peculiar man. What is called creative on his head. For example, would spend hours wondering the street trying to find your own home or got up and walked in the midst of the talk, immersed in his thoughts, than enough puzzled interlocutor. It was a very interesting and amazing man, who has known for his life and the bitterness of poverty, and the sweet molasses of fame and fortune. So his novels are reminiscent of a layered casserole where the layer of dullness lurks a layer of boundless happiness, followed by a layer of the absurd, and on the bottom a thick layer of philosophy. Each layer opens as you read, this is the basis of all his novels. But not all, to put it mildly, good. «Posthumous notes of the Pickwick club», for example, is not best read at leisure, because the book is amazing in its scope and confusion, although many it fell in love with the work of this similar to the dog of the writer. Not to love is almost impossible, he as the fisherman lures the reader with its unique irony, humor and an interesting plot. And then hooking, catching and escape from his grasp impossible.

Dickens loved to write novels about people who, like himself, had escaped from the lower classes, did not cease to dream, do not lose the human face: «Great expectations,» «old curiosity Shop,» «the adventures of Oliver Twist.» But the special place occupies creation of the monumental «the Life of David Copperfield, told by themselves». The most popular novel writer who inspired Dostoevsky, Tolstoy and Kafka. Ode to the love of life in which we live through the ordeal endured by the ordinary boy. You survive, grow, overcome difficulties, to go places. And this guy has not the slightest relationship to the magician of Jewish origin, he just took the nickname in honor of the Dickensian hero. The novel cannot remain indifferent, here, everyone, even minor characters have color, thanks to a proprietary composition Dickensa shines in new splendor. To pass him is a great crime. Most likely, in your soul for this novel will highlight the best apartments. Most importantly, do not watch the movie, where the young David was played by Dan Radcliffe, otherwise the main character will haunt you obtuse autistic.

2. «Call Of Cthulhu» HP Lovecraft


PH glue mglw nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh WGAH arrogant fhtagn.The name of Howard Phillips Lovecraft has become synonymous with the horrors and different scary animal. As he sang the group «XS», «Oh…a month was a writer, just a pity that he died.» The real fame came to him after death, but it would be enough for several lives. Filmed him, imitate him, admire him. It is difficult to find a man who was struck by the power and the reality described by Lovecraft myths. «Mountains of madness» and «Dagon» were classics, but the greeting card writer is a deep love Kraken and Darth Vader by the name of Cthulhu. It is unlikely that the writer thought that this would happen, especially with this thing.

A relatively small novel about the awakening of the great Cthulhu and its associated massive headaches and toe crazy impressed the audience that some even suggest the real existence of this… creature. But this story would not be successful without the signature of the author’s style of writing and a chilling plot. Lovecraft takes the imaginary as something really existing, which resorts to documentary, deliberately dispassionate presentation of facts and events, so don’t think you read the book, and the story, especially when the fragments are printed in the language of the culprit of headaches. It gives way to a space of darkness, of hellish nightmares and the oppressive power of darkness. He brings that awful darkness, that you begin to feel uncomfortable. The longer I read, the closer Cthulhu himself.

The gods and races, born of his gloomy thoughts, so real that no wonder why many perceive his animals seriously and worship them. But while some are asking Cthulhu to spare the race, and not to provoke headaches, others are studying his gift of a visionary, and others just enjoy a good story. And if you’re still not done — it’s time.

3. «Dark alleys» by Ivan Bunin


Who marries for love has good nights and bad days.Bunin is the writer, for understanding of which you need to catch the right wave, set mental radar for a melancholic state. Otherwise, there is a strong desire to criticize and scold his characters, calling them worthless and weak. But in the meantime this Silver age of Russian literature, a period of difficult and reading is required. And Bunin is not enough that was his flagship, and carefully defended from the attacks of newfound and brazen youngsters like Mayakovsky and Nabokov. February is conservative, this is your Mr. Bunin, but had at least someone to keep these traditions meaningful and beautiful literary language.

All the stories of writer-soaked decadence. Because love is so tragic. For example, «Mitya’s love» — a beautiful story about first love, replicawatches young man and a young girl, gave 5 rubles. In school it seemed unclear why the girl in the story needed, and what this jerk is the main character. For many years, many things have an explanation. But the collection of stories «Dark alleys» matters less. Apparently, a little story about how loving the people who are the peak of his creativity. «Damned days» — interesting, but it is the diaries. «Sunstroke» also touches on controversial topics, but with the «Alleys,» all right. The crystal purity of love contaminated with human ignorance. Sad and beautiful.

4. «The bridge on the Drina», Ivo Andric


The power of causeless hatred and envy in man sometimes surpasses everything that can create or conceive people.Move from one Nobel laureate to another, no less talented. They wrote about different things, in different languages and in different countries. What unites them is that cult status. Kusturica even built in honor of Ivo Andric, a cultural centre in one great city — a worthy gift to the memory of the main writer of Serbian literature.

«The bridge on the Drina» — the main work of the author, for which he gave the coveted prize. Andrich saw this bridge every day from the window of his house now in a small Bosnian town of Visegrad. The old bridge built by the Turks in the era of their domination, fulfil a much more important function than simply to connect the two shores of the bad river Drin. A bridge, even though the old. Strong, of course, of good stone, monumental, 5 years built, but not impressive. I went at him, no emotion. Gouges from bullets on the walls of the adjacent houses (traces of the recent civil war) more impressive. But the potholes could fit in the novel Andrić. The bridge on the Drina connects the two worlds, somehow we wound up in one place. The author described the Turkish rule, but for 400 years nothing had changed, the city as before, accommodates the two worlds and not always successfully. The stone bridge is still standing, but the spiritual bridge long washed away the bad river.

This is a wonderful book, perfectly reveals the history of the region and how political developments affect the fate of ordinary people. The topic is relevant not only for the Balkans but for us. We also Have many fragile bridges, which who only did not go and have little in common.

5. «Justine, or the Misfortunes of virtue,» the Marquis de Sade


There is insurmountable gap between love and pleasure, as was evidenced by the fact that daily experience the love without enjoying, and even more often you can enjoy without any love.Well, who better than the Marquis de Sade may be a good language to sing of the ideals of sodomy and depravity? Hypocrites, by itself, is not worth reading. If you thought for a moment that you are a man of high moral standards and to read such disgusting, wash your face with cold water. The idea is not left? Then shoo away.

And the book after disasters, mischievous, can easily shock his frankness sometimes too…. But by and large nothing new. The Marquis listened to pastors who preach virtue, and then went and wrote a true story about where it starts. Lived a poor girl, wanted to lead a righteous life, but failed. Rape, false accusation, etc. do not contribute to a happy life. But Virgos are vicious all right.

Don’t forget in the process of reading about the author. Sometimes it may seem that the book was written suffers from nedotroga and puberty the male, too many members, and all around — sexual giants, somehow grotesque and unreal, all beaten and abused, but this was the Marquis, he loved. Some fragments are able to cause laughter and some vomiting. But do not rush to blame the author, he just wanted to show that virtue still will not lead to the gardens of Paradise, and into the lair of Boris Moiseev, where you will be insulted and raped huge Dicks. Well, my friend, you. So fornication. As the priest of my dreams «let’s sinning!».

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