A Citizen Of The Groin

To earn a piece of sweet bread, some of us have pretty pracovat. Freak, in General, anyone can become a brave madman who crossed the line and surrendered his potaennogo the madness that sits in each of us. But not everyone can be a freak Pakhomov. Groin – this office, this stamp is a guarantee that the screen will be something exceptional. Not everyone knows who he is and what he does, but almost everybody’s heard of it. Those who have seen, or vomit on the sidelines, or lift him to ecstatic heights, proclaiming him the true king of madness. But that’s the citizen of the Groin was not all fun and games, «Green elephant» and «the Battle of psychics», it is a huge palette of images and classes, familiarity with which will cause shock or alive, or reverent admiration.

Here I am, Pakhomov, forty-year Muscovite without education – singing, dancing,…to show you are shot in the forbidden films, use drugs, if they are as poor as a Church mouse…let’s Start with the fact that his name is Sergey I. Pakhomov, and not some kind of Groin and that he does not «Brother», and «to Go». Let’s not distort world classics. He appeared yesterday, November 4 in the family of intellectuals from the Capital itself. His mother was brought up in a crazy maternal comfort and care that our hero was vybeshivaet. Then there was classical education an intelligent boy in shorts and tights: violin, school, drawing and some sports Pakhomov was a struggle. This period of life is not worth to dwell on it, because the definition of insanity was noted.

In 1985 he graduated from the Moscow art-industrial College named after Kalinin. Here we will focus our attention. Sergey Igorevich first and foremost an artist and this did for a living, and very, very good. For example, in 2011 the famous gallerist brothers Saatchi bought his work «Russian landscapes». The last of his antics he signed as «Metaphysical gnome», and the works themselves were an eccentric names like «mentally ill Vadya pipe-dadaku warrior Mohapatra snot spat». All this is awfully reminiscent of woodcut painting. But what remains, not to paint icons. Even Pahom realizes that to play with the most powerful Corporation in Russia is impossible. Maybe out of respect for the genre. After all, he studied in the class of icon painting.

Connoisseurs of expression unrestrained admire his work, lovers are easier to find in them some hidden meaning, the citizens, about artist never heard of, spitting to the side and Groin just mocking the public.

I do sincerely believe that it is time to end the reproduction of the Western art and similar grimacing. Russian art of the provincial brand, unfortunately. Provincialism – what is it? Heard on the radio and tried to do the same. And our modern Russian art should be Orthodox, with the support of the Church, a huge amount of gold, a large financial influence. Majestic installation. There must be a powerful Imperial art, large. Only with this message (I without sarcasm now say) it is possible to say about the Russian art itself. Because we have large roots and there are two main things are the icons of the Orthodox tradition, Orthodox architecture and Russian avant-garde. These two main streams, which may result in a third powerful stream of modern art. And yet we see a pathetic literature-related analysis in art.Before I go any farther, remember the fact that the Groin was treated in a psychiatric hospital. Don’t get too focused on that, perhaps it was simply the desire to give back to the Motherland in hot Afghanistan, and perhaps likely, with the head and really had problems.

Groin spun on appartment, played in rock bands and was quite an interesting person. But a fateful meeting was found. Svetlana Baskov, the author of the favorite movies of our childhood like «5 bottles of vodka», «Head», «Mozart», «Green elephant», so I saw Pahom that Federico Fellini saw Marcello Mastroianni – himself, and tried to take in his first film «Kokki – a running doctor». Since then, the tandem intact, and in every movie Baskova is possible to meet a familiar bearded face.

All the films are striking in their marginality and unexpected turns. But including it is the source of catch phrase. Of course, her movies are always met interesting people and artist Maslaev, Vladimir yepifantsev, who is now trying to convince people that his thrash-performance – a mistake of youth. But the symbol of these large paintings was his Groin. And for the sake of great art cinema, he was not afraid of being raped by Alexander Mashavim, dressed in the costume of the Dalmatian in the movie «Mozart». True, it was a response to a gesture in the film «the Chairman» where his Groin, not afraid to show people their genitals in front of camera poked this on the speech of the great actor. In the legendary «Green elephant» his mouth punished now known and revered artist-actionist Alexander Osmolovsky, who, incidentally, is betrothed to the art Director. Here’s a gift from his wife (though Alexander then gutted yepifantsev). «5 bottles of vodka» his raped Epifantsev. But the essence is not violence, and how his Groin played his images. And that is important – different images. It’s not like the officer, a new Russian, but he created the thrash metal Golota always organic.

It is unfortunate that it is firmly associated with feces eater. It’s a shame because phrases and images would have produced a more absurd things than a boring eating shit – talked a lot about this. But how to measure the reproductive organ with a knife, or tell you all about port wine «777» so that millions of immature fans consider it his duty to eat of its forbidden fruit? By the way, about the «Green elephant». The film is about the survival of the weak, because of the tediousness, that the weak can dominate. It is a social criticism, social metaphor. This is not a film about the war, as it was considered to be singer herself denied it. They’re all the abstract painters, for them the minimalism in the picture mil.

But in a completely adequate and nice for General viewing of the film «For Marx» Pakhomov was good. Nothing has changed except the degree of inadequacy. If the biggest «5 vodka bottles» she melted the scenery, it was cold, like after a nuclear winter. But the film turned out.

I think I have what I could have done in audacity. Most of all I’m shocked when he was still unknown, at 19-20 years. Just come to the exhibition, staged fights, was active very. But was not in the media environment, claimed.In addition, Sergey Igorevich starred in the epic «Chapiteau show», the movie, which incorporates all those who know how to shock the audience is not a child. Here, however, Pahom is a dignified and noble person, only brawler on the Crimean streets, shouting «I’m 87-year rest here!!!». This revolution in the role probably happened because Sergei played there, in fact, himself. From Gai-Germanika he played in the episode, and that of a Swinger, but I did a big project these two titans of the provocation to come.

«What are you! I’ll tell you now, see here. I’m good now tell! Look, I… now here we have a lot of flies… uh-Oh… a lot of flies, you know? See, flies, they’ll sleep interfere, flies. And here I am, come here nasru, and they will all come here and we kill them, you hear? And then you sleep, Oh, sleep would be good. Let? I’m gonna shit, and flies all coming here, to us. Well, where they have theirs, the place of the current here, and… oooy… want to, I’m gonna shit here? And flies, and we kill them! Well, shit?» – a classic.

By the way, in the life of the Groin – very calm and balanced person. To communicate with him is a pleasure and very informative lesson. Only here about his personal life is unclear. He said that he is married and has two sons, seventeen and eighteen, that, however, does not prevent him to get involved «young women of seventeen or eighteen years», from which «smells good curds and sour cream, violet and Lily,» says that her adopted son alone. However, there is information that his wife was the editor of Elle magazine, in which he once worked. Well, in a glossy environment did this citizen, in particular, was the art Director of the magazine «Elle decor», «Marie Claire» and «Elle». Such an unexpected turn, careless people and in the world of gloss. Although he calls himself a «cunning, greedy, calculating man», and supposedly after that, everything falls into place, but then you discover the Pahom-musician.

I’m making art. Even today it is not called. Just the art of their own.How is it a classic? «He also sings». The vocal talents, of course not, all of this is reminiscent of the roar. But the roar we have a song called. Live performances, mostly performed in a state of intoxication, simply impossible to forget. Often, instead of words from the stage at best flies articulate the Mat, and it happens that ordinary hangover moaning, accept for «the cries of the blessed».

On the music does not have long to speak, you just need to listen. And old projects in a pair with a friend Vivisector, and the new, with the well-known Prokhorov, have an increased boiling point of adequacy, high expressiveness, talented lyrics and, strangely enough, good music. They are really quite possible to listen, but only those whose soul is not in the boundary condition because the Groin, as befits a true artist, uses the most oily of the paint. So fat that even those who think of the song «Gaza» masterpiece, can become bad. By the way, a well-known critic Artemy Troitsky, who has long been friends with Pahom, and whose record label released the first two albums with the Vivisector called this stream of unconsciousness, postanovochnogo of the absurd «the first real Russian rap.» Even Timothy was offended! Probably, from rap left only the sincerity, because everyone knows that the most sincere were just fools. It’s even something like Mamonova, but only with more admixture inadequate and not so artistic. Our hero likes to listen to death metal and electronic music, but these genres these creations can not be attributed. But the clips need to take under the protection of UNESCO, and the songs – on the arms of some organizations. Judging by what’s going on with «ROSKOSMOS», the best way describe the line:

Green, green, green to PI..de went to space we.But first and foremost Groin is a genius comedian. A genius comedian, even went to school KVN, where are you going? That’s right, in stand-up. So, these stand-UPS are very, very, very, very peculiar. Unprepared viewers require a fun and are prepared to sit and quietly ofigevayu, and the artist does what you wanted. Word is his main instrument. We all too often for this article used the word «absurd», «crazy», «nonsense», but it is quite absurd crazy stuff, but so skilled that it becomes or funny, or interesting. Look the program «Discovering the world» of another not completely drunken artist, musician, lover of poetry Vani Cocks and the author of a series of paintings on hardboard «As a grandmother drank vodka» Victor’s Belly. In contrast with the courtly speech of the leading stuff of Pahom hits the brain mercilessly, but it’s interesting to watch all National Gepgraphic. It is particularly interesting to observe how untrained people with interest trying to find the grain in the absurd stream of words. It is, successfully maneuvering his Groin healthy thoughts between the ocean of nonsense. Here is a vivid example.

But all this is a tribute to the image – the image of the Holy fool, which finally appeared to the masses in the «Battle of psychics.» Why did he go there? Which amounted to the ratings the show needed to feed, Pahom only – a new tool of PR. Because I want to eat.

Coming Maestro promised:

Neither good nor miracle in the Russian television as well. Now it will be.

In the end, the show received unprecedented ratings, and viewers, who used the principle would not have to watch this circus. And Groin, in addition to «little brother», received a second, but not so bright mark. Most importantly, it was seen by millions, and if Housewives saw intimate fragments from the film «the President», they’d say, «Well, it was money, you see, was needed». And if they saw his other movies, the question of ekstrasensornoe would disappear completely. He’s not psychic, and a talented showman. The image of the good grandfather had given to him on 5 points, and it was fun to watch their relatives who do the kindness. But they do not understand why we laughed when Pahom left these Easter eggs, like standing on one foot: «Well, like a crane stand, and I will give up the chase» – kurlykina… And even the phrase: «I wanted to do the right thing» – gives «Green elephant»! His character, too, wanted «a good thing to do,» apologizing for the crap one’s plate. But apparently the producers decided that things have gone too far, and Groin left the show, making it dull and gray. Why — no one knows. Some say that PR is the most «psychic» and that he’ll be back in the show, other that the participants began to weave intrigues against Pakhomov, and it got hard. Rumours like dirt, but one thing is certain — the show lost a bright flavor. Name is such a famous character – a risky business.

Groin is a cultural phenomenon, in full, the seemingly lack of culture. It is necessary or to accept, or miss by yourself. He’s an actor, a showman and does his show fine, but making it in your niche and if it goes beyond, intelligent, moderately restrained and without losing its charm. There are people who like it in relatively adequate condition. Better not look at his creepy side of life. It’s like Vladimir Epifantsev: adult men who are accustomed to seeing him in comedies, start spitting vomit when I see excerpts from the film «Spring – time of love» or the movie «Operation Tide». But Groin steeper. And we will continue with bated breath to see how it appears in all new and new images. He’s not tilting at windmills, he builds them.

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