A business trip. The first series

manygoodtips.com_26.08.2014_nXTKLt5qeRkMrYou’ve got to fit work and managed to gain the trust and respect in the eyes of the boss? Well, if you had good credit, maybe soon, he’ll send you on business trips. But the trouble is, you’ve never been to one of these trips. Together with the direction in the office do not provide instruction. You don’t know how to spend this trip? Of course we will tell you.

Before you left

If you’re not prepared, then you’re doomed to failure. Preparation is the key to a successful trip. You should do a great job, before leaving your home or office.

1. List

As in different motivational articles say: «Take a sheet of paper and write down…» and we’ll tell you. You think everyone can remember, it’s so easy, but after a minute you’ll forget that you planned to do and why you opened the refrigerator.

The most important is business papers. You have to be sure that they have you all here. Embarrassing to realize that you forgot an important document and now he is thousands of miles away from you.

2. Luggage

Avoid big Luggage. You don’t need a book and a swimming cap. For most trips will be enough to grab a small bag that you can throw over your shoulder. You can even pack a suit in your hand Luggage.

The fewer items you have in your Luggage, the better. In the extreme case, all the necessary you can buy on the spot.

3. Costume

When you’re going on a business trip for business negotiations, you automatically become the face of the company. If you want to impress, then you need to get dressed. It happens that the firm does not have a special dress code for the case of travel, in that case try to dress at least as you dress in the office.

4. Shoes

Do not have to take it with you, you can just wear it, not to lug extra stuff in the bag. You should have comfortable shoes, sneakers. It is time to acquire a comfortable and elegant pair of shoes. So you can wear them under a suit, and while they were comfortable. Corn will not help you in the negotiations.

5. Business cards

You finally business man. When you say goodbye with a partner you must hand him the card. Ask Apatow Secretary Olga that she ordered you business cards if you don’t. Don’t forget to bring them.

6. Records

Take a Notepad to make the necessary mark. We understand that you have a smartphone and a tablet and you can easily write in these gadgets. In fact, it looks impolite if you use a phone during a business meeting. Don’t be afraid to seem old-fashioned and put the Notepad in the bag.

7. And

If you’re always traveling, put in a package of necessary things you will need on the road. He will always be ready, you only need to put it in the bag. Put: a razor, shaving gel, road toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, shampoo, cotton buds, perfume and other crap that you need.

8. Airport

Come to the airport early. In fact, normal people always do that, but you should have more time to spare. If your flight will be delayed, then no you are not to blame. Well, if you are not able to fly their fault, you’ll have serious issues and maybe your company too.

Try not let anyone down and lose your work.

Now you at least know how to gather and not to substitute his own company. In your mind and appearance should be all right. Until you get to the meeting place, once again, read the materials that you’ll learn with partners. Get a hold of yourself, man.

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