A business trip. Series two

A business trip. Series two

manygoodtips.com_2.09.2014_OU8sRSdHQguORWe continue to write our fascinating instructions on how to do business. You already know how to pack and what to take to the road. Now you need to figure out what to do when you got to the place where you will live during the trip.

To get to the appointed place, perhaps easier, you come here to work. This is your moment. Now you can spend a couple of talks that lights up at work and run rapidly up the career ladder.

1. Clothing

First thing, after you checked in, get clothes out of a suitcase. Most likely your stuff is thoroughly wrinkled. If the problem is not very serious, then just hang the jacket and shirt on a hanger.

If dents are very strong, give things to the Laundry, to be there carefully ironed.

2. Food

Save on food. You didn’t come here to show off and shoot the women, you came here to fulfill a challenging mission. So, five star restaurants in the hotel is certainly cool and fun, but places for people who come to relax and empty their wallets.

Most likely your food will pay for the company, but that doesn’t mean you need to overspend. Your boss will be grateful to you if you humbly to dispose of his funds.

3. Communication

This refers to business communication. Forget about the fears and complexes. You’re not on stage, you’re just doing a necessary part of my business trip. Extroverts will do the job easily, they won’t blush and stammer with excitement. Well, if you’re lucky enough to be an introvert, then welcome to the club shy, and closed guys.

For you it is important to understand that the silence and avoidance of important and significant people that will not play into the hands of your company. Try to be more open and friendly.

4. Alcohol

We are not saying that you should completely avoid drinking. If a potential partner of your company offers you tilting the drink of whiskey, it would be very rude and impolite to deny him. Just don’t push it. Slowly throughout the evening to SIP your whiskey, so you don’t have to drink more than one or two glasses.

Razbavlyat much alcohol with ice. And even better after the first glass go on a coke or juice. Would not be very cool if you get drunk and you walk around the room clinging to the waitresses.

5. Checks

Perhaps during the trip you will spend your own money, not counting the expenses that you have to give. In this case, collect all your receipts. From cafes, hotels and vehicles. Of course in our taxi you will not receive a check, but at least the cost of travel by train and the trains you will be repaid.

Not all institutions you are happy to give check, so do not be shy to ask for it you cheap Jew.


Bring enough money, who knows what may happen in an unfamiliar city. Divide them into cash and non-cash payment, in case you lose cash. Keep cash in different places. Part jacket, part in your travel bag and another portion in the business portfolio which will come to the meetings.

Your phone should always be enough money with a significant margin, you expect frequent phone calls, not always you will have the opportunity to communicate via Skype. If you go to another region or country, you must contact your operator and find out which plan will be best for you.

Be always connected and always advises with the head. Now your trip will be best. Just follow these simple rules and your job will definitely appreciate your company and in return you will have to wait for a raise, or just a huge bag of confidence from the boss.

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