A brief statement on the meeting women for the shy

manygoodtips.com_8.09.2016_SodojegkVMQGWThere is nothing worse for a man than to be wrong and not to please another person. But if this other person has pronounced Breasts, long hair, it smells like Norwegian thrash Metalist, with the primary authorities he is no longer the case and it seems like a charming woman, fear of making a mistake and not like it grows a hundredfold. That’s why our brother peasant and rotting in a puddle of your own tears, snot, insecurities and other foul liquids. Lost, you know, man can not and does not hesitate to approach the woman. After all, it is itself correct and clever, and the set of skills he’s good and he likes the ladies, but what girl will want to make husband? Rare, very rare in every sense, and she lives somewhere very far away, not even in Ulan-Ude, and in dreams.

So we gathered together all the methods, the accumulated age of men’s wisdom, other people’s advice and methods, for nothing so effective as other people’s advice — intelligent and ruthless.

To be able to communicate needs with the ladies of any age

So, the first way — try to focus on two things. First, you need to cease to be tormented with doubts, every time you talk to a woman. If during each experience with a beautiful woman you hope your bond supremacy will make her fall in love with you at first sight, it is likely that every date will result in your disappointment. So drop all expectations, come to the lady as the exam — with a blunt belief in a favorable outcome for you, but not excluding the possibility of retake. Don’t despair, even if after your attempts to meet she politely ended the conversation, making it clear that you will not ride your Amour. This is not a failure, the first step you already did — said Hello, so that is good. No luck now — better luck next time, just don’t take their failures as a chronic pathology and a lead cross on his charm.

Now the second thing, more difficult. I would not like to talk about such lofty things as with a jigsaw, but no other word will not pick up — then they need to practice. The more the number of women you get their «claims» — the more likely it is to get to the point. Don’t forget, first look in the eyes to make eye contact, only sincere and clean look ensures you 50 % success.

Then a good-natured smile (not only because of Ducalis), say Hello, ask how was your day, ask the name. And come and talk not only to pretty girls, but 50-year-old lady. Of course, you don’t need to convince her to leave her husband and go with you to country pleasures, just talk, learn to gain the trust and you will be rewarded for your labors. Most importantly, try to be friendly, don’t overdo it with the emotions and don’t worry.

Follow his gestures and facial expressions

Work.com.ua_8.09.2016_EsU3GimVyGQkxYou can never be sure that the woman you aren’t screwed, until you approach it, and that is pretty close. And here is how to approach is another matter entirely.

For this you need to read a woman like an open book. A children’s book. With big letters and pictures. Look how the returned body: she is turned to you fully or in a half turn? And maybe all is back? Then it is better to look for a new one. Pay attention to her smile — genuinely friendly or polite stretched. At a glance: predatory and arrogant or intently interested. It does not indicate sexual interest ladies, but I do say about her intentions to continue a conversation with you. And then start a casual conversation, using their strong traits.

Develop communication skills in public areas

The easiest way to overcome your shyness, according to merry, Joker, and those words will not climb to become incredibly sociable. If you get to chat with the men, becomes the soul of company, why not work the same with girls? So there is a grain of reason in this advice, just stop worrying.

Well, if things are not so rosy, you will have to use failsafe method — the good old practice. Here, everything is easier than it seems, easier to learn, than the advice of the athlete from the person who lives in Miami and advises you, the residents of Blagoveshchensk, to get out of the comfort zone.

So, to start, begin to hold a conversation with 5 strangers. Next step — start and maintain a conversation with 3 beautiful women. Pimply high school girls don’t count.

When you realize that fear and nervousness evaporated, add a bit of complexity, for example, set himself the task to elicit 1 room for a week.

After a few months, your kindness becomes a habit. And it may sound like the tagline of a set of pans from the «shop on the couch», but you have to admit, even in theory sounds convincing, what can we say about the practice. It is very important to bring the ability to autopilot the hidden fear will and then bring you back again, and the remnants of the force of habit and insecurity let all your training is derailed.

There is a common question — and where to communicate with them? My dear, says the classic «You are everywhere».

At the gym, in the club, in the provincial Museum under the pretext of discussing creativity early Polenov. In one word — everywhere. But if the place is themed like a circus tent, a fitness club and a list for fans of the animated series «the adventures of Luntik and his friends» talk will build much easier. At least a common theme appears.Even easier is to build the situation so that not to communicate with women, simply will not work. For this you need to surround yourself with female company, like the fertile banana palm tree monkeys. Such situations a lot and it’s not only the courses of cutting and sewing, it’s still yoga, ballet and… Well, you figure it out.

The woman is human too!

The realization that women can be just as nervous and shy as we are, hell, inspires, but does not help in the case. Just knowing that women are people too, not aliens or Atlanteans from Atlantis, the soul becomes easier and the conversation is glued somehow. So don’t be shy of common questions, and during the conversation, ask more than tell me to not say something. You will be surprised, but a simple «Hello» could be the beginning of a very close contact. To finally break the tension sandwiched between the two sociopaths, try the process of interrogation to extract a common interest.

Continuing the theme, not be amiss to say that women, in addition, that they forget to smear your armpits with deodorant, I love when they pay attention to men. So, if you see that the lady is very sociable and is literally «in your hands», you can afford a little build.

Most importantly — do not approach a lady from a position of weakness, waking her in the first conversation, you the man, male and alfach in the end, and who is the weaker sex, women do not like timid heels, at least at the stage of Dating.

Put your mask on and pretend

manygoodtips.com_8.09.2016_Av73paJIxEhevWhat a man does when he gets in a zone of discomfort, in a strange society in which perfectly becomes clear that he is not a long stretch? He starts to pretend. The Council may seem very illogical, but if the previous methods have shown inconclusive or challenging, it remains one — to pretend. So it is much easier, especially when mother nature gave birth to you not as a monster but as a charming handsome man with the talent of the actor, the scoundrel. So feign, dedicated and convincing, as well as the Naiad blessed to pretend with you in bed what the statistics is one-third of women.

So get in the way Lovelace or actions, imitating the actions and words of his friend — magnet. Maybe after two or three successful Walker you will understand the principle of how it’s done and learn to do it in his mask. But bear in mind, if we put on a mask something convincing.

All you can do

There is nothing better than after unsuccessful attempts to sit in the corner, it’s hard to exhale and say to yourself: «I did everything I could, probably». But here’s the thing, you cannot use this phrase as an excuse, on the contrary, carry it as a goal, as an end point. Until things do not calm down. It won’t make you less shy, talking at once, but will remove some unnecessary troubles, to suppress the infamous, irritating voice inside his head: «what if I don’t look good?», «And these shoes don’t look too clowny?», «And your breath smells?». If you treat yourself more responsibly, to dress fashionable and dapper, ready to date, how the city authorities to the arrival of the President excess tremor can be avoided. And additionally +50 confidence.

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