A breath of freedom: drop it now!

manygoodtips.com_7.04.2014_nTaK1XQSEQk2WAbandoned girls girlfriend convinced that for a full life guys they don’t need. And hell alike. If you understand how beautiful and absolutely alone in itself, life gets in the hundreds and thousands of times better. Unfortunately, many people still can’t realize the simple fact that it is better to be alone than with just anyone. This article will help dudes not to complex, when they think to be alone is disgusting. Stupidity some, enjoy!

Perhaps among the readers there are comrades who frankly are sick of their «second halves». It seems that the desire to kill the girl as she opens her mouth, absolutely fine. When she cooks, sleeps next to me and have sex with them, they think that they love her, but it’s worth it to open his mouth and covering their inhuman hatred. These guys believe that a girl should not discuss the difficult personal life of her colleagues She is. They explain this by the fact that friends have quite different interests — what do say to a woman? In fact, it is not so. If you two have nothing to discuss, and after watching the film all she can say, «I liked it» — and she says, «yeah, me too,» you should think, isn’t it time for you to leave her. When there girl, a lot of pros: sex, soup, clean floor. But the loneliness gives a lot more buns! Most likely, this friend you’re in love, when alone, if I may say so. And you can’t do it. Today we will teach you how to never feel lonely to understand that loneliness is a normal and pleasant state of the person, and privacy is vital. You will understand that loneliness, in a sense, not worse relations. What happens when you leave this pesky, cargo, and goes for a sunset? You think you can go only to another woman? And here and there.

1. Saving money


Women make us too much to spend. It is an unpleasant fact, but every normal man is aware that losing money is natural decline. But now you don’t have to go out to these godless cafe, buy her gifts, pay her bills and think about the fact that someday she will force you to marry her, and you will have to spend well.

Now you can find more interesting is the use of their money. Savings on parting, indeed tangible, in contrast to the dubious benefits of the principle of latte. Now you can go on a trip, for example, in one of these places.

2. Going to the movies alone


If your girlfriend has a very different taste, it’s hard. She pulls you into «the Hunger games», but you are sick of the stupidity of what is happening on the screen. Do you want to see «Mud» or «Django unchained», and she closes her eyes and winces, clearly hinting that I would very much like to go. Do you want another «Avengers», and she says she hates shooting it and wants to watch a stupid romantic Comedy. Well, that all these pretty Tony Starkey taught girls to go to comic book movies, but not all: «There’s violence and all this for a pointless comic».

Now you can go to the movies alone for any session, on any movie. Can bring beer or food — no one will privorovyvat your popcorn. For those who don’t like to eat in the process of watching a movie, a visit to the cinema alone — special outlet: no one chomps around you.

3. Eat what you want


Girls have a lot of problems regarding the supply. Especially the vegetarian. My friend recently broke up with a girl that was high vegetarian and protector of animals. Now he enthusiastically can eat burgers and nuggets without another scandal in the spirit: «It’s allowed! They hurt!» This is an extreme case.

Now you don’t have to choose what you want: pizza or sushi. Will no longer be a problem, she wants a pizza with four kinds of cheese, and you with four types of meat. You can choose what you want. Ah Yes, now no one will carry you out of your potatoes.

4. Spend time with friends


No more need to suffer, to spend time with her or with the guys. Moreover, when you’re with guys, you don’t have to think about her. You don’t have to see her pained face when you come at four in the morning, emitting a smell of cigarette smoke and beer fumes. And you don’t have to feel sorry for her.

Now you officially can go to the strip club. Cool, huh?

5. Do you have any free time for myself


You can read books, going to the gym and improve your physical performance, you can find an interesting hobby and begin to cultivate. Next to some girls to make it impossible. Some friend give you strength to inspire you. Others want to always be the center of your attention. If your time at the gym you can find, then all other interests no time left, if you have excessive demands attention face. One girl to go to the gym is a pleasure, but in other gym allow in any case impossible.

In fact, the only worthwhile reason to throw the annoying girl and start to live again. Remember: there are unwanted girls, just as there are unnecessary people. They also should get rid of.

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