A Breakfast tray with a slot for tablet PC


The tablets had imperceptibly come into our lives. Now, many influential analysts are seriously assure us that these things in the future can easily replace laptops. If the tablet has a removable keyboard, then Yes, we agree, and so it is not very comfortable to type on. On the other hand, do we want that?

In the West, it seems, the tablet has become extremely important for the life of the subject. How else to explain the need to create here such nonsense, which is a tray-Breakfast table… with connector for tablet PC?

Imagine that you are a man from the West, sit, drink morning coffee, croissant eating, well, there’s crackers corn… You need something paritsa when you eat? Put a tablet, and it is exactly not worth it, what to do? Buy the thing with a hole in it, put it in the tablet and quietly eat on. New iBed for those bro, in which a strong dependence on the Internet, well, or for those who have a love for comfortable Breakfast in bed.

There is such a thing $ 11. And in our opinion, too much is done for the convenience of people. What prevents to get out of bed and to eat normally at the table? Or in front of a computer, as many people do. The majors!


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