A bit of street magic of David blaine

manygoodtips.com_19.06.2014_rcf9tIUcTAO4qHard to say what brought more popularity to our hero: the program on television, unusual stunts with danger to life or a parody of the show on Youtube, famous for a very good translation with the famous meme «In the mouth my feet». However, the master of street magic David blaine, continued the tradition of street acrobats, the person, certainly not ordinary, and deserves a place in our walk of fame. David blaine explains his unusual talents is simple: «first, I’m very determined gentleman, and secondly, in my veins flows the Gypsy blood, inherited from great-grandmother through the maternal line!» Yes, that explains a lot.

David blaine white was the fruit of the marriage of Puerto Rican-Catholic and Jewish women from Russia. Amazing mix, right? Blaine’s father was a veteran of the Vietnam war. In ten years he was left without a father and a mother who tried to make ends meet, entertained and podslushivaet life son card tricks, sometimes coming up with something new. The boy was so loved that a simple «magic» that he began to learn other magic tricks that didn’t know the mother. The tricks he showed on the street, earning a small pittance for the good of the family. Family income began to actively grow from the views of the boy.


Special people generally can be seen immediately. In ten years the boy began in a small town. Little David was sitting behind the glass a special glass box, with which he showed his simple card tricks. Passers-by picked the card, and after a series of specific manipulations, the map chosen by the people suddenly appeared from the common stack and hung on the glass, just glued. The boy was noticed by the right people and soon made in Haiti. Meeting with unusual people something changed in the boy. After speaking to those suspected of creating the zombies, David fell in love with the color black and started to wear black clothes. Also on the island there was a strange incident that might distract from the well-known street magician of some advocates of animal rights. Young blaine was killed on the island… the chicken. It was part of the ritual to improve abilities. Who knows, maybe it helped him in the future? The magic of voodoo sorcerers, apparently, like, so young, «the wizard» went on a journey across the continent. For several years the boy had been almost everywhere: from Canada to Brazil.

Guy to expand their stunts not only card tricks, but also a number of interesting and unusual tricks. The road to success is blaine became even more apparent when he, no longer a boy, became an advocate in the Golden location in Las Vegas. Outwardly, pretty David was able to conquer his tricks of the heart is not only rich, but beautiful and hot beauties, who began to fill up young and promising «miracle worker» flowers and indecent proposals. Crown wizard trick «street magic» was the revival of a dove. David himself at this time lived in a hotel room with her mother, who strongly guarded by female attention and support. The corridor to the door of the apartment Blinov was littered with flowers and petals of red roses. The fat cats of Las Vegas quickly saw in David the able and chipped him in a real theater. In 1997, the popularity of David blaine peaked when he was asked to do a show on TV that was called «Street magic».

But «sorcerer» was attracting more of it not show, and the trick to which he began to prepare for the mid-90s. at the time of touring and working in the theater, our hero, there are so many comrades and friends among influential people that words can not describe. Among these people especially noticeable Mike Tyson, actor Robert de Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio. They refused blaine from the act which he was going to go. To be honest, this is rational too crazy. David wanted to be buried alive without food, but with oxygen and a small amount of water. In April 1999, this crazy dude went in a plastic coffin which was buried at the bottom of a huge container filled with water. This mage was not enough: a container was placed under the ground to a depth of two meters. David was a small amount of oxygen and a plastic container with water, which he drank in small amounts. He assures the magician that he used not more than 3-4 large spoonfuls of water a day. If you wish blaine could stop the experiment by pressing a special button. Place «tombstone» was visited by over 80 thousand people. Came and the niece of Harry Houdini, Marie, who said: «My uncle did some amazing things, but this he did not do».


No one had suspicions that our hero was in this coffin, not vacationing on some island with beauties: 7 days «resurrected» blaine white came out of the box a pale, scary, reminiscent of the dead. He couldn’t talk clearly, and his face strange twitching, the muscles unaccustomed to movement. The mage was led by the hand because he could not walk. During the conclusion, our hero has lost 8 pounds. But even then he knew what he would do next time.

Less than a year, as the wizard had decided that we should do something. November 27, 2000 David blaine decided to freeze himself in an iceberg. 6-ton block of ice is delivered directly from Alaska, she had become a haven for crazy wizard. Inside the iceberg was a small niche, in which David was hiding. With the help of special tubes, summed oxygen, water and ascorbic acid. Blaine trained for this focus in a specific way: he sat inside a huge barrel with crushed ice, trying to lower their body temperature to 33 degrees. It should be noted that it is a street magician managed.

Difficulties of stay in the ice was not cold, but the warmth of the body of the magician, which made 6-ton iceberg to melt. Had to throw the lump of ice and water, in order to simplify the experiment. David stayed on the ice for 62 hours. When he pulled out, he suffered from a wild pain in the legs and back which enhances dehydration and hunger. In this experiment, our hero ordered himself in the «Guinness Book of records».

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The following strange experience, glorified the main character was a standing on top of a 27 meter high pillar, installed in new York’s Bryant Park. Only insurance blaine — handrails, which kept our hero. Of course, all this time he was awake. David lasted for almost 35 hours, then jumped on cardboard boxes down. The stunt was called «Vertigo». Then came the 44-day confinement without food with a small amount of water in a box above the river Thames, of course, our hero also experienced these hardships.

Two years ago, «the magician» was able to conquer the electric power stunt «Electrified». 72 hours the illusionist stood dangerously close to electrical discharges in a special outfit. The trick was not fatal due to lightning (the hero was well protected), and the lack of quality oxygen, water and food. However, Blaine was not used to.

It is noteworthy that the street magician ended up in the «Guinness Book of records», and the second time (although in General deserves a separate book). The only one able to hold his breath for 17 minutes 4 seconds. Hero promotes street art, Twitter leads, participates at the weddings of friends, celebrities and just having a good time.

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