A bike that can fit in a backpack

Probably you’re going to whine about bad weather, frost and so on. If your region is quite severe, it’s this big until you are not relevant. So this article is dedicated to lucky like us, who promptly settled in the South of Russia. We can still afford to ride to work by bike, only raises the question: «what to do with this vehicle, if developed unforeseen circumstances and urgently need to travel on public or any other form of transport?»

Forget about this problem, because smart guys have created an indispensable folding electrophilic, which can easily fit in your backpack assembled. The main material that was used when creating it – is carbon fibre, which makes the miracle a large enough light and mobile.

A simple hand movement you can make a full vehicle compact thing that can be easily carried in a bag or backpack. Is this bike about 18 thousand rubles.

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