A Baker’s dozen male commandments

A Baker’s dozen male commandments

manygoodtips.com_2.07.2014_qMxKnh6CHmLQZViolation of these commandments, of course, does not threaten you with eternal torments of hell, but you don’t have to break them for one good reason: you’re human, and some things for you invalid.

13 simple commandments that everyone should know the man:

1. Stop it girls friends

This taboo, which is observed for centuries. Even if your friend only serious relationship, and you just rather think of his friend the girl of his dreams — forget it. Strictly? Perhaps, but there is a small concession: girl friend your friend on this taboo does not fall. You can try your luck with her.

2. Don’t go with each other under one umbrella

There are some things that you can share with a woman, like a blanket or an umbrella. It is better to get a couple with a friend, but never to Delhi with him umbrella.

3. Don’t wear briefs g-string

In the rare event you can wear a Thong if you gave them to the girl to demonstrate her firm buttocks on March 8. In other cases, forget it!

4. Don’t promise to marry, if you do not intend

No need to promise a girl to marry, if all you want from her is sex. Think of other promises, but marriage for girls — Holy. Can and to slap from an angry girl.

5. Do not smoke on the go

If you’re ruining your body, then try to get pleasure from it. The Smoking process should occur in a quiet environment, not on the go, as if it’s some kind of emergency.

6. Don’t look at porn with friends

Is sex and intimacy, like the umbrella, it is necessary to share with a girl. And if your friend doesn’t like to watch a movie for adults, it’s better alone. The session of the collective Masturbation let’s just only in that movie you’re watching, without the company of friends.

7. Not shake hands in the toilet

Besides the fact that it is unhygienic, it is also a perversion is to shake each others penises, no matter what hand washed. So if your friend handed you a hand in the toilet, just nod him head, he should understand his mistake.

8. Do not get involved in family conflict

If you witnessed the conflict of the spouses, no need to take sides or help them to understand who is right and who is wrong. Try tactfully to leave the battlefield, by the way, this will help the brawlers to understand that when the family witnesses do not solve the problem.

9. Don’t accept a lower salary

If you do not value yourself, others will not appreciate you. Ask for a salary that assess their knowledge and experience. The employer will treat you seriously and with respect.

10. Do not drink spirits

Spirits only for strong men. Drink their — fate of the girls as soon as possible want to get rid of the aftertaste «this shit».

11. Don’t argue with a woman

With women it is impossible to argue, fight and raise their voice. And not because they are weak, but simply because they were women. If you treat them the same as men — will be boring to live, so we give them a coat, a noise at the door, etc.

12. Don’t ask his girlfriend about the former

It is in principle a bad idea. Whatever your curiosity, it is better not to stir the hornet’s nest, suddenly she remembers that guy with the huge biceps. Of course, if she’s not opposed to talk on this subject, you can take the risk, but if she refuses, don’t insist.

13. Do not wear a woman her purse

If you ask the lady to carry her bag, watch carefully so it was just a bag of road, utility, in General, without a clear indication that it belongs to the woman. Even if the girl manages in purse to wear several pounds of makeup and really need it other things, refuse to carry this burden.

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