9 women’s secrets that you almost don’t think

Dude, all women have their own feminine secrets. My mother, grandmother, a close friend and his girlfriend — they always have something they’ll never share. But we all know and willing to tell you a few important women’s secrets. Maybe you’re new to see her friend after these tips and maybe not.

1. Girls are almost as hairy as we are

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Well, with a few exceptions. On the face of course on his chest and back hair not so much. But in other places hair grows with the same regularity and frequency as us. Good hairy leg girl is almost indistinguishable from the male. Pubic and armpits may grow a whole Bush. Only girls thoroughly clean the hair very often. And sometimes, you may find that your passion hairy back and chest! You still do not know exactly, so be quiet. The girls manage to keep this secret even for life in a cramped apartment.

2. There is no such thing as natural beauty

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The hippies were wrong. Yes, and in fairness it should be noted that chepovskii girls also used makeup. For most ladies, natural beauty, a little touch — up with powder, eye-shadow, pencil and mascara. Well, maybe, mascara and powder. Girls very rarely go out without makeup. By the way, most dudes who say they like «natural beauty», I have no idea that their passion now is the same cosmetics, and they without it is not seen once. Maybe without makeup, they look a little different.

3. The girls have a different period of menstruation

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Of course, there are the norm. But the less the better. At one week — ten days, and the third — a little more. In fact, the amount of discharge is not as great as you think. This is not a flood. Oh, Yes, for menstruating women it is not only the blood, and shell eggs, clots, fertilized didn’t stick to the egg, so it seems that all that much. Also, this period can be quite painful, and may not be. But what is most important: not every girl in this period is similar to fury. PMS-women are like that, constantly, regardless of state. Most girls sad, sleepy and apathetic. Hurt.

4. Girls loose a lot of hair

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True. Often they do not fall, just break off at the base, and then grows again. So as to Fig.

5. Why girls carry your food from the plate

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There are two reasons. And they depend on that, sits the girl on a diet in a given period of time or not. If sitting, the girl just wants to try the food, so as not to break the full order. Well, she’s just hungry, if not sitting, but believes that show what she wants is, obscenely: she came to the meeting. So there is nothing surprising, everything is logical.

6. They have a huge amount of money for body care

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Here, remember, friend, that you have? Shampoo, maybe, shower gel, shaving foam, after shave lotion, facial wash? What about your friend? Scrubs, shampoos, conditioners, rinses, shower gels, foam baths, conditioners, products for skin care face several types, all sorts of things for heels, masks… And this is the most conservative list of lovers of natural beauty. Had I known about it when get a girlfriend.

7. This time of the month is not a joking matter

In all seriousness bro. They really, really hurt. Once I had to drag the girl into the bathroom on his hands, in warm water to relieve her pain. Because she was moving with great difficulty. Many girls in this period have to even take the pain pills, so you should not show yourself a fool and say that girls are delicate — constantly on the pill.

8. They really need more space

We are small enough where you can store things. We are not afraid to come to work in a slightly wrinkled shirt, but the women’s team can easily ignore and forgive. So a girl needs a lot of space to maintain their appearance in order. Wardrobe, chest of drawers, chairs, bedside tables — they are vital to the girl.

9. They can actually fall in the toilet if you lift the seat

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Remember this fun series South Park! And now imagine that it’s true. The girl often doing their business sitting down. More specifically: always! The rim of the toilet without the toilet seat becoming too wide and hard to seat, and most important — slippery. When the toilet seat is lowered, the girl can’t fall in the toilet, because he keeps it, but without it is really possible. But it’s not so bad: most girls do not like that before each procedure of urination we have to take the germ-filled seat and lowered her down. Now you know what are they shaking?

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