9 ways to stay motivated


One of the main barriers to success is lack of motivation. This can be either apathy, or routine, or the feeling of futility of their own lessons, or the lack of drive — everything plays a role.

In order to stay on the wave, it is important to constantly move forward and in any case not to complain. This means you need to pull your head out of your ass and start doing new things. Going outside your comfort zone, you can achieve more than you thought. Here are nine ways not to lose motivation and encouragement to yourself.

1. Read and get information

Now is the time: everything anyone writes books. About everything. Lost — wrote the book. Recovered — written book. Married — wrote a book. Divorced — wrote the book. Became successful — so God himself commanded to write a book! And after writing. And you read it: useful.

Read biographies of people who achieved something in this life, have achieved the impossible. They’re just regular people, are almost indistinguishable from us. Why can they and we not?

And read books and magazines on his specialty. Interested in the local news industry. It’s also important to read what is interesting. It is necessary to constantly refresh the mind and learn new things that will pamper you with enthusiasm and will make the brain work. The more you know, the more you want to learn in this business.

2. Talk to people who inspire you

The words spoken in person, even better than those that you read in all these books. No matter who it is: a mentor, a friend, a family member or friend — don’t be afraid to talk to those who have achieved and who do you think is the current person.

Don’t be shy, polyspecific them. Most people will be happy to help those who admires them. Keep in touch with them and tell them about his own achievements. At the same time get useful links.

3. Look at the full picture

Don’t need to be the guy for the trees see the forest. Always focus on what lies before you. Don’t let daily errands to shield you from what you seek.

Instead, at the end of each day think about what gives you your job. Perhaps you don’t realize it, but it must somehow influence the situation, at least indirectly. Also focus on what contribution your work makes to the development of the company. Remember that the team is worth nothing without the players.

4. Not limited to their official duties

Comfort zone means peace, and peace makes us lazy. Don’t let this your work. Do not refuse to do something if it’s not contained in your job description. Not soviva themselves with their duties, take the initiative projects, and learn something new about other aspects of the activity.

Knowing the kitchen company, you get benefits. For example, once your awareness can be the key to your promotion.

5. Make a list of their achievements

Sometimes all need a little praise, but better than ourselves, no one will praise you. Make a list of all your achievements, personal and professional, and look what you’re done. When you understand this, you will not need someone else’s approval. This is a great way to pump confidence.

6. Challenge yourself

New goals keep you drive. When you know what you’re capable of, set a goal and set the standards with which you must comply. For example, to make «X» sales or contracts to maintain a certain level of service, and maybe you could do some challenging project. The desire to succeed and prove to yourself that you can, will be customized for you.

Of course, the hardest part in achieving any goal is to start to move towards it. Come up with a plan to start a movement. The risk, for example, a great motivator, and failure is a great teacher. Don’t be afraid of failures, learn from them.

7. Bring to the diversity

As well as the comfort zone, routine bores, and deprives us of motivation. So try not to get into this circle. Even the slightest change in the shift pattern to another station on the way to work or select new route, a new log or lunch at another company will help to refresh the picture.

You can do a permutation in the office, to put things on the table to make it interesting. It is not necessary to turn life into a routine; even the slightest change can leave a mark on your perception.

8. Always keep in mind your final goal

Nothing will fit you better than the anticipation of the end result. Remember, when you run and see the finish line, running becomes easier. Every day take time to think about what you want to achieve and what are you doing for this now.

Do a list of mini goals that will lead you to achieve a great goal. I read it early in the day and during the execution of the current tasks to remind yourself what awaits you if you can handle it. When you finish work, it’s bloody stirs interest and raises the level of motivation, so try to get at least one mini-goals throughout the day tomorrow to take on the new achievement.

Remember that those who optimally utilizes your talents, in the end receive the recognition manual. You will notice if you do something worthwhile.

9. Have fun

When you’re laughing and having fun before you take the job, it increases brain activity in 3-5 times. Rest means productive work, friend! Try to find the work entertaining time, even if initially it doesn’t seem so to you. Relax and stay optimistic.

If you feel hopeless, try to imagine the worst possible outcome. Really disastrous scenario. And now laugh at it. And when it’s all over treat yourself to something. It motivates you for the next projects.

10. Any little thing helps

Small things can have a huge effect in terms of morale. Sometimes it’s just a list, an inspiring story, a new contact or a new goal. All of this can force you to act. To move forward, you need motivation.

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