9 ways to measure your strengths

Men love to compete, especially compared to power. To find out who you are the strongest, of course, you can go to the gym and see who will take more weight but this is not so interesting, in that there is no spirit of competition, which pushes us and makes the process fun. Today we will tell you how to try to force friends to be interesting.

1. Arm wrestling

arm wrestling

Everyone at least once in your life try yourself in this kind of competitions. It’s a timeless way to try to force, which was even immortalized in film with Sylvester Stallone. And if you live your life and do not know how to start wrestling, read: you and the opponent need to firmly take each other’s hands and put the elbows on a flat surface. At the signal, start trying to put the opponent’s hand on the table.

2. Fighting on one leg


This method of struggle will help to establish who is the most stable. Interlock the right elbow and stand on one leg. I lost the one who first put your foot down.

3. Fight back


This fight tests how well you have developed back and arms. Sit on the floor with your back to each other, pull your knees up to the chin. Interlock elbows as shown in the figure. At the signal, the struggle begins: the winner is the one who put the opponent on your right side.

4. Boxing feet

Boxing feet

This way you can test their balance and endurance. Opponents hold hands under the right knee and raise it to waist level. You need to box your toes. The player who first opens his arms to stay on his feet.

5. Pick up another


This fight validates who have better developed arms, shoulders and back. You need to sit on the floor facing each other, joining the soles of the shoes. Interlock hands. At the signal, try to pull each other from the earth (the rivals pulled each other to ourselves). I lost the one who stood up. In this struggle, you can also use the stick.

6. Stand-up arm wrestling


I think wrestling can be practiced only sitting? Try to stand up and fight! Now, you need to use your muscles, but the spine and feet to keep balance. Opponents should be opposite each other, knees touching, and take each other’s hands, as in conventional arm wrestling. Wins the one who will force the enemy to lower his arm.

7. Wrestling elbows


Stand face to face, connect knees. Lift your left arm behind your back and interlock elbows. Wins the one who will force the opponent to lose balance.

8. Indian leg wrestling


Rivals lay «Jack» on the back next to each other. They stepsuse legs and trying to turn each other back.

9. Indian wrestling with the subject


Opponents are facing each other and holding the object. It can be anything: a stick, ball, etc. At the signal, the opponents are trying to take away the object from each other. I lost the one who first let go.

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