9 ways to make fire without matches

manygoodtips.com_10.06.2014_qzQnMI7WtAhDmEveryone should know how to kindle a fire with such knowledge will not be lost. This dude sure knows how to make fire without matches. It is a necessary survival skill. It is impossible to guess when you’ll need to build a fire, but you will not be matches. Maybe your plane will fall off to some wilderness, for example, somewhere in Alaska. Or, for example, you go into the woods and lose your backpack in a fight with a bear. In the end, you can end up in very windy or wet weather when matches are virtually useless. Doesn’t matter, it is useful whether you ever these skills, but still very cool to know how to make fire, in whatever circumstances you were in.

Produced fire by friction

Making fire by friction — not for the faint of heart. This is probably the heaviest of «nesecery» methods of making fire. There are different ways of producing fire by friction, but the most important question –what kind of wood to use as plates and rod.

The rod is a stick with which to twist back and forth around its axis to create strong friction between it and the plate to receive the spark. If you create enough friction between the shaft and the plate, it is possible to embers and use them to fuel the fire. Poplar, juniper, aspen, willow, cedar, cypress, and walnut are suitable for the fire it is the best way.

Important: the wood must be dry.

Hand drill

The hand drill method is the most primitive, simple and simultaneously very difficult. Everything you need for the way is a tree, strong hands and extreme patience. Using this method, you’ll feel like a real primitive man. So produced a fire with a hand drill:

Gather tinder in a compact pile, resembling a bird’s nest. A nest of tinder is used to ignite the flame obtained from a spark, that we need to produce. This «nest» we need to make material that is easy to illuminate, for example, from dry grass, leaves or bark.

Do in the «nest» a small depression. Cut v-shaped opening in the plate to make a fire, and near it a small indentation.

Place the crust under the recess. It will be to get the embers friction of the rod on the Board — this will give the fire a chance to flare up.

Start to rotate the rod. Place the rod into the recess on the plate. Stem length should be at least 60 cm to work properly. Push the rod on the plate and roll it between your palms, quickly moving them up and down the spine. Keep doing this until the hole tablets for fire embers are formed.

Fan the fire! Once you see the red coals, tap the plate for a fire that they fell on a piece of bark, located under the hole. Move Corey in his «nest» of tinder. Carefully and gently blow on the coals on the flames.

Fire plow

Prepare a plate for the fire. Cut the hole in the plate where you put the rod.

Three! Take the rod and place its end into the recess on the plate for the fire. Start rubbing the tip of the rod against the walls of the recess in the plate, moving it up and down.

Start kindle fire. So, make a «nest» of tinder so that it fell embers that will arise from friction. As soon as you catch the ember and gently blow on it and get a small tongue of living flame.

Drill from the bow

The use of a bow for making fire is probably the most effective methods of friction, because with its help it is easier to maintain the high pressure and the speed of rotation of the rod. There is a strong friction necessary for making fire. In addition to rod and plates for this method you will need a ballast to hold the rod, and bow.

Do device for weighting. He used to press at the end of the rod, which will be on top: the terminal is driven with a bow and it becomes unstable. To hold the rod, you can use a stone or piece of wood. If you use a piece of wood, it must be harder than the rod. Very good to use as a lubricant either water or oil, to move better.

Do onions. It needs to be the same length as your arm. Use a flexible, slightly curved wooden vine. The bowstring can be made of anything, such as a cord, rope, or strips of rawhide rough hides. One condition: it must be a durable material that will not tear. Pull the string and you are ready to start making fire.

Prepare a plate for the fire. Cut a v-shaped hole, the hole put tinder.

Wrap the rod string. Place the rod into the loop of the bow string. One end of the rod should be in the hole that you made the plate, and on the other end must be pressed with a stone or piece of wood.

Start moving the bow. Move the bow back and forth in a horizontal plane, just like when something is sawing. In fact, now you have collected the basic mechanical system. The rod should rotate quickly. Keep moving the onion until you get coal.

Make the fire flare up. Throw embers into the tinder and blow on them easily. Ready! Now you’ve lit the fire.

Flint and steel

fire without matches

It is an old method. To have a good flint and steel is always a good idea. Matches can get wet, and then they’re useless, but in this case, you can still count on your flint and steel.

If these things were at hand, nobody forbids you to improvise by using quartzite and the steel blade of a pocket knife.

You need material for ignition is usually a cloth or moss. They are well to catch a spark and smolder for a long time, not flaring up. If you have special material for kindling, a piece of fungus or birch is fine.

Fix the material for ignition, and stone. Grasp the stone between your thumb and forefinger. Make sure that the distance from the fingers to the edge of the stone is about 5-7 cm for ignition should be between the thumb and the flint.

Bay! Take a steel rod or use the handle of the knife. Strike steel on flint a few times. Sparks fly off from the steel and get the material for ignition, causing decay.

Get a fire going. Put the firelighters in the «nest» of tinder and easily blow on it to fan the flames.

Produced fire with a lens

how to make fire with a lens

With a lens to start a fire simple. Anyone who in childhood was melted plastic soldiers, playing with a magnifying glass knows how to do it. If you have never dealt with such things, here’s the user manual

Traditional lenses

Everything you need for fire is a lens required to focus sunlight on a specific location. Magnifier, binocular glasses or lenses perfect. If you add to the lens surface of your water, you can intensify the beam.

Turn the lens angle to the sun to focus the beam into a smaller area. So, make a «nest» of tinder to that spot, and soon will spread the fire.

The only drawback to this method is that it only works when there is sun. So if it happens in the evening or on an overcast day, the lens will be useless.

In addition to simple method of kindling a fire with a lens, there are three additional methods of fire-making with lenses that also allow you to fire.

Balloons and condoms

Filling the balloon or condom with water, you can make these simple things lens which will help to get the fire.

Fill the condom or balloon with water and tie the end. Give the ball maximum condom or a spherical shape. Do not inflate a condom or balloon very much, because it distorts the focus of the solar beam. Squeeze the balloon, giving it a form which will allow you to focus the beam. Try to hold the condom in the middle to form two smaller lenses.

Condoms and balloons focal length less than that of conventional lenses, so need to place them at a distance of 2-5 cm from the tinder.

Produced fire using ice

Fire and ice — not only the quotation from Pushkin, whom you probably remember from the school course of literature. With a piece of ice you can actually start a fire. All you need to do is to provide an ice cube with a lens shape and then use it like any other lens. This method is especially good for tourists in the winter.

Get clean water. To ice it was possible to make the lens, it needs to be transparent. If the ice is cloudy or contains any impurities, it how to not fight fire you’re not going to get it. The best way to get a transparent piece of ice to fill the bowl or Cup clear water of lakes, ponds or melted snow and let the water freeze. A piece of ice should be about 5 cm thick, in order to be a good lens.

Give the piece of ice the lens shape with a knife. Remember that the lens is thicker in the middle and narrower near the edges.

After you receive the lens rough shape, Polish it by hands. Warm hands will melt the ice enough to get a nice smooth surface.

Start the fire. Download ice lens at an angle to the sun is exactly the same as if it were an ordinary glass lens. Concentrate the beam on the pile of tinder and see how it is useful to remember the quote of Alexander.

Cans of Coca-Cola and a chocolate bar

I saw this video on YouTube, pretty interesting thing. All we need is cans of coke, chocolate bar and a Sunny day.

Open a bar of chocolate and start rubbing the chocolate on the bottom of the jar. Such polishing will make the surface of the tin bottom is shiny like a mirror. If you have a chocolate, toothpaste works just as well.

Get a fire. After polishing, you actually got a parabolic mirror. The sunlight will be reflected from the bottom of the jar, and focus on one place. This is somewhat similar to the principle of the mirrors in the telescope.

Give polished the bottom of the jar to the sun. Thus you will create a perfectly focused beam of light aimed directly at the tinder. Put the tinder at a distance of approximately 2-3 cm from the focus sunlight. After a few seconds you should see the flame.

While I can’t imagine that was somewhere on the edge of the world with a jar from under a Coke and some chocolate, but this method of fire-making really works.

Batteries and natural wool

produced a fire with a battery and coat

As in the case of chocolate and a bottle, it’s hard to imagine a situation in which you might be in extreme conditions without matches, but with batteries and a piece of pure wool. But you don’t know how to turn life. This method is very simple and fun, so you can try at home.

Stretch a piece of wool. It is necessary that the strip of fur were about 15 cm long and 1 cm wide.

Scrub the battery with a piece of wool. Hold the strip of wool in one hand and the battery in the other. You can use any battery, however, the optimal capacity of 9 watts. The sodium side of the battery with the «contacts» hair. Wool will catch fire. Easy breathe on it.

Translations of burning wool in the tinder. Wool will burn for long, so hurry up!

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