9 ways to blow off steam

It was a bribe.com.ua_17.11.2014_l1ya0Q1pAXfifSometimes each of us builds up a huge cauldron of problems, stress and negativity. And if in time not to give out a couple of, the boiler could blow, leaving a huge hole in the social circle where the blast occurred. To avoid this, it is necessary to make a preventive, you controlled, directed explosion. And that’s where this explosion can best be used to avoid casualties among the civilian population, you will learn from this article.

1. Sex

Today’s best remedy for stress, constant problems and a desire to kill all life – is, of course, sex. You can’t just break the back of its accumulated negativity, but will get a lot of bonuses at the biochemical level – a huge burst of positive effect on your body hormones, from oxytocin and vasopressin, ending with testosterone and endorphins – the hormone of happiness. In other words, sex is the quintessence of pleasure and happiness in its purest form, and that’s exactly what we all need.

2. Sport

What could be better than after a hard day’s work to come to the gym and beat the shit out of pears or to sweat under the rod? Especially if you’re pissed off and angry to such an extent that it is impossible to keep. Putting all his anger in every strike on the pear, or another repetition on the bench, you give the accumulated negativity through physical catharsis. Moreover, your training will be much more intense and harder, which in turn will also bear fruit in the form of improved sports performance.

3. Music

If you’re a lazy ass and can’t bring myself to go to the gym, and the sex you have is a little less likely than ever, that music is something that can serve as a great alternative. At the conclusion of a recent Swedish research, listening to your favorite music reduces blood levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which in turn makes people happier.

4. Playing on the nerves

Another great, and most importantly, enjoyable and interesting streetkiller is, of course, computer games. Half an hour of ruthless extermination treacherously invaded your city of zombies and a desire to destroy all life, slowly but surely eroding.

5. Mileage

If you don’t run in the morning, you can at least ride my bike, sled, roller skates, scooter or any other device that is able to roll. Fast, constantly changing surrounding landscapes, favorite music in the headphones, the faces of passers-by, the wind in the face, feeling blood flow through every vein, rhythmic thumping of their own hearts, the feeling of freshness from every breath – all it clears your head better than a whole army of psychologists. While the whole day you will remain cheerful, full of positivity and will think more fresh and sober.

6. A change of scenery

Also helps to refresh perception, to understand Zen and a new look at familiar things, changing environment. Ideal would be to take off somewhere where you have never been. New faces, new friends and new places will always be useful. Man, if it is too long in the same place and sees every day is the same, starts to fade, it becomes amorphous and indifferent to everything. If you can’t break on the first train to a neighboring city, you can do something less drastic: pokley new Wallpaper on the walls that you have to see every day for the last five years, changes in the closet or at least a screensaver on the desktop, do something new.

7. Get Destroy

Remember the childhood: when the child doesn’t like something, he starts pounding feet on the floor, smashing toys, throwing food and destroying everything that is in the affected area, turning the whole house in this room Hiroshima scale. This is the most fundamental, inherent nature way to get rid of emotional tension and thus protect the body from overload. Child does this intuitively and uncontrollably, you can direct your righteous anger on something unnecessary, old, it’s time to throw in the trash, for example, you can ask grandma to give you old collecting dust in the closet TV «dawn» and subjecting it to unprecedented cruelty of the execution using any heavy blunt object. Remember the childhood: nakupy bombs and blow up everything that is distasteful, but people, of course. But if the house is old, cracked crockery, and nearby is an abandoned construction site, you know what to do. Options, pick the one that you like, and make destroy.

8. Let it all out

That’s what all girls do when they are worried. They have enough for an hour to chat with a friend, to pour out his heart, and immediately becomes much easier. We’re not used to having to show weakness to talk to someone about their problems, show your emotions and feelings. But, if you keep it all to myself, I’ll just go crazy. You’re not a robot, and you also have a soul, albeit under the iron armor of equanimity and tranquility. Someone thinks that it is wrong and not a real man is – shipping close friends with my problems. But if there is in this world, people with whom you can talk about the harsh realities of life, then it’s your friends. But crying to my girlfriend, parents and family in General is really not worth it. You’re Superman, a defender and support and must always be those who will cry, and not Vice versa. There is nothing wrong to talk about bread with a friend or older brother to skip a couple of Beers and indulge in easy emotional melancholy. Perhaps together you get even correct something you just can’t do.

9. Quench your thirst for blood

Each of us are still alive, those primitive animal instincts of the hunter and the predator. And from time to time they emerge from the depths of our subconscious and spit on our entire civilization and education, showing all his true, bestial nature that we so carefully try to hide. You can take it on Board and use to their benefit to let off steam purely male way, namely: to enroll in any mojobojo section, like judo or hockey. If you have a weak threshold for pain or simply do not want three times in a week to go to work wearing sunglasses, can buy a ticket to the Boxing tournament. The feeling when watching the broadcast at home and when you are in the hall, completely different. House no addition of adrenaline, drive, genuine interest and sincere joy for the victory.

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