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manygoodtips.com_20.11.2014_aySnBpjTEuTC8In this world, the ability to develop strong communicative relationship with the right people is a key skill, without learning which is indispensable for success. You need to cultivate and invest in a strong relationship regardless of whether it concerns personal life or business. Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt has thoroughly analysed this topic and laid everything on the shelves in his new book «How Google works». In his opinion, many people underestimate the power of response to emails. Accordingly, Schmidt decided to teach us how to do it and gave nine tips on how to work effectively with e-mail.

1. On any letter, you need to respond quickly

If someone takes the time to send a message to you, you should show the same affection, and of at least basic respect to answer this letter. Do not have to write long-winded treatise, especially if you’re an extremely busy man. Just let the sender know that you received his letter and will answer it in more detail after some time. It is desirable to specify exactly when.

2. You write a letter, not a novel. Any short

You must have heard the saying of Shakespeare that «brevity – the sister of talent». Answering e-mails, don’t need to be too wordy. People don’t want to read long and detailed letters: learn to write concisely, intelligently and on the merits, without the extra «water». A jumble of buzzwords and complex designs won’t make you smarter in the eyes of the interlocutor. More likely your lines will only cause irritation, so as to «digest» them – wasting precious time. Try to write a draft, and if something can be deleted, but the basic idea is not lost, feel free to cross out unnecessary paragraphs.

3. Put things in order in your mailbox

Around you a huge number of people, things and conversations that clutter up your life. Let’s not add to this chaos such a trifle as the Inbox. Don’t keep the letter without the need, after all, you risk losing it in the trash truly important messages. Cleanse, organize, decorate the way you want, and save yourself from unnecessary trouble. Eric Schmidt says that if you read the letter and know what to do (send spam, to read later or answer), you need to do it immediately, otherwise you have to go back to it again and re-read it, and it is wholly a waste of time.

4. First the answer to last letters

According to this principle, you work when you decide to deal with new cases, those that have arisen in the last. Schmidt says that the probability is high that the old emails have already started to do. Therefore, in order not to do double work, use the principle of LIFO (Last in First Out – last in, first out).

5. Pereadresovivalis received letters to those who, in your opinion, more competent in an existing question

Or those who this information might be useful. If your boss asks you to contact the right person, and you haven’t sent or didn’t send him a letter, and then during the day it’s just out of your mind, and your forgetfulness can cause hard catching up.

6. Don’t get too personal

«If you often use hidden copies most likely you have in mind some cunning intrigue,» – said the Chairman of the Board of Directors and former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt. But in large companies, even the most insignificant and sometimes nothing meaningful concealment of facts could be construed as espionage on a global scale. Or lead transparent correspondence, or don’t add people to the conversation at all.

7. Stop yelling

If you’re not brave enough to Express their dissatisfaction in the face, don’t say anything. IT IS SUFFICIENT TO USE MAIL FOR THE SHOWDOWN!!!

8. Track the status and results e-mails

Add a copy of the letter your address and with the help of the program was included on his label «track». This way you will be able to determine whether read the letter, and, if so, with a clear conscience to contact the recipient and require feedback.

9. Use keywords

These little things – a kind of steps on the path to organization. Let the sent emails will be key words in the subject to further correspondence it easier to find among the tons of electronic «paper».

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