9 types of push UPS

I’m starting to understand why some Bros don’t like push-UPS, most likely because their schools pushups were used as a form of punishment. Type «Smith, late? 12 push-UPS!». In any case, I sincerely do not understand how you can neglect the pushups and not to love? Push — UPS are a major part as fitness and military training and martial arts. No spin is possible, but it is better with them. This simple and difficult exercise of developing such a huge number of different muscle groups, I honestly can’t remember at least one exercise that develops a large number of muscles than that. In addition, push UPS sucks there is such a cloud of varieties, which affects all other muscle groups that you missed in a normal push-up.

1. Regular push-UPS


Keep a straight line from ankles to shoulders. Palms on width of shoulders, elbows within a 45-degree angle. Keep your head on the same level with your back, but try not to «bite» the ground. Your chest should touch the ground, not your pelvis. Some newcomers to the sport are pushed too low, but the problem can be solved by placing between the floor and a something like a tennis ball or a rolled Mat. Arms should bend at a 90-degree angle. If you can’t do proper pushups from the floor, start to train, being wrung out from the wall or on my knees. In the end, your connective tissue and muscles adapt to stress, and you can safely go to new heights.

2. Pushups with cotton


The purpose of the pushups is to start from the ground and slam in the top of your push-UPS in the palm of your hand and land on the hands as quickly as possible in order not to break your teeth. In this exercise, an important coordination and accuracy. Start with the standard pushups and bringing the technique of their execution to perfection. Then start to push off the ground and learn to land softly. Learned? Now try to do pushups on a soft surface with cotton. In the future, you can do these push-UPS with multiple strikes.

3. Push-UPS triangle


According to the American Council on Exercise, the triangle pushup is recognized as the best exercise for the triceps. The so-called «angel wings» (they still have the name «wings of bat» and «bat»), fat education, which hang on hand on the place where should be the triceps, with relative ease you can remove these push-UPS. The exercise carried out in the same rack as the first two kinds of push-UPS except that the palm is kept under the Breasts at an angle, touching the forefinger.

4. Push-UPS spider-Man


These pushups will give you the body of a superhero without having to wear the stupid costume. What makes these pushups difficult, because it is additional weight that you carry on each side of his body in the exercise. We should start with the standard stand, but his hands slightly wider than shoulders. When you reach the lowest position during push-UPS, bring your foot forward and potasi your knee to the elbow. The emphasis on the chest muscles, shoulders and the press here is just tremendous — you also need to keep a balance, right? If desired, you can further bend the leg or to do the same like what hands can do.

5. Push-UPS dive bomber


What names I have not seen in these push-UPS. Pushups with surfacing, cat push-UPS, push-UPS, Japanese, goju-ryu, «Cat warm up», and in Chinese martial arts — «Iron ox plows the earth». And that’s not all push-UPS! This is a great warm-up exercise and for muscle development. They increase the strength and flexibility of the muscles of the chest, shoulders, back, hips and triceps. Lower back and hamstrings also get a decent load and stretch from the movement. To start put your hands on the floor slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, and feet lay approximately the same width. Raise your butt up as shown in the photo, and now podnimi swoop forward so that your head was carried up and slightly forward, and your back bent. Go back to the reverse position thus accurately repeat the exercise backwards. Repeat the exercise with a slight delay at the bottom.

6. Push-UPS with a variable owner drawing on the cinder block or any hard surface


This exercise resembles exercise with cotton, but instead of cotton we have any high support. Rocky movies for motivation is not enough! This is a really challenging exercise! To start, put your left hand on top of the cinder block, and right hand on floor slightly wider than you shoulder width. Lower your body until you feel a slight tension in my left shoulder, and then immediately push off fast and reactive. When your right arm straightens out and reaches the floor, quickly push off and move your right hand on block and left hand put it down. Repeat the exercise on each hand, achieving complete synchronicity. Try to absorb the bumps on the cinder block so that the inertia didn’t hit you in the elbow.

7. Pushups with a clap on the knee


Looks crazy difficult and it is not far from the truth. These push-UPS will break your spirit, make you puffed and stirred up not only your muscles, but your fucking body. In order to do these pushups, you need to master the ideal of bringing the cotton and push-UPS with support. You get down on your knees, hands shoulder-width apart, you fall down as long as your chest touches the floor, then a good start and be in the air. Once you’re in the air, bend your knees and pull forward, clap hands on knees. Safely touch down on hands and socks. This is a very difficult kind of push-UPS, which requires from you the ability to do a perfect push. Be careful when you are doing exercise for the first time.

8. Pushups handstand


Be prepared to literally turn the standard push-UPS with feet on his head literally. While the triceps take on average 70% of body weight in normal push-UPS, push-UPS with a barbell on the hands gives the load almost 100% of the weight on arms and shoulders. The perfect push-up with a stand for hands achieved great difficulty. This is understandable: it requires high physical strength, ability to balance and take control of their body. First step: handstand next to the wall. Get used to the feeling of a rush of blood to the head. To reduce the risks, having enclosed under a head a pillow or a soft Mat.

9. Push-UPS at arm’s length


Some people call it «spin the crucifix». This is the hardest push-UPS that came up at the moment. But it makes sense to master, because none of the exercise strengthens the muscles of deltoids like this. Lie down flat on your stomach, spread your straight arms to the sides at shoulder level. After you become to be in the position of «the crucifixion», all you need to do is to raise your body a few inches with your hands and fingers. Hold on a second and slowly lowered to the ground so that the body touched the Breasts of the floor. During first time use a pillow to smash his face.

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