9 tricks to survive a hangover


We in edition have estimated that booze, since that moment as on Friday evening after work, you’re missing a pint of beer, and ending with a severe hangover, it lasts about 15 hours. Just think, you drink 15 hours is no joke! But you don’t spend this time in front of the monitor waiting for that, for example, out of nowhere in an empty text document will appear awesome script that will make you rich and famous, and you will be until the end of his days swimming in money, from time to time offering your bro to take part in any of your projects.

We’ll tell you about a few lifehacks (sort of ways to break the usual order of life to not straining to achieve good results) for the morning after drinking. These tricks will help you beat a hangover as fiercely as you were hanging out the previous night.

1. Before you buy a bigger pizza


Don’t know dude, which tastes heaven, but I doubt very much that he’s cooler than innusa a couple of pieces of pizza left over from last night. It is especially good when you go from the stage of «can’t See the food» to postmodernism the fervor in the form of a listening group «Ivanushki International».

Always buy more pizza than you can eat at the party. Your stomach will be very grateful to you, and eating pizza the next day after the party becomes the topic about which you will tell all your friends, and they would not believe.

2. Get some sleep, preferably four hours


Perhaps the most important thing. After such a dream you don’t feel tired, and this will certainly help you avoid unpleasant conversations with the girl you showed yourself in the morning in the same bed. How did it happen? So, don’t sleep too long, Wake up somewhere around nine o’clock — and get outta here (if the party is, of course, was not at your house).

3. Look in the gym

exercise bike man

We don’t offer you a grueling workout, just go there for fun. This idea may not really impress you, but actually going to the gym after drinking is the smart thing to do. Are you in a rush, when the remnants of last night’s alcohol alcohol will pass out of your body with sweat. Only 20 minutes on a stationary bike — great deeds are not necessary.

4. Don’t wear sunglasses


Maybe it seems to you reasonable, but God forbid you! Of course, after a heavy night out to see the world — not the greatest pleasure, but if you wear glasses, then your body did not cut that day, in fact, has already begun. You going to night crawling around the apartment, like a sleepy fly.

5. Turn on cool music

the dude with the Boombox

It may happen that you Wake up drunk is not the same as the day before, but nonetheless. Maybe you’re sober and you feel overwhelmed. That’s really what not to do for anything, maintain the state of euphoria at any cost, dude! Including some of the hits from last night or just your favorite track. And it is best to have a few pre-prepared playlists: not just for hangovers, and on different occasions.

6. Stay away from the computer

dude at the computer

If you sit down at the computer — you are guaranteed a headache. Remember how mom told you that from your computer you will go crazy? Do not justify his expectations too early!

Generally if I don’t go to the Internet, it will do you good. As they say, renew my life, and not the page in the browser (that’s old-fashioned language!).

7. Shave


This tactic is similar to going to the gym. But it is rather from the field of «productive procrastination» when you’re not doing anything, but it is good for you: you have more time to deal with his hangover. When you shave, man, it will certainly feel like a new person!

8. On the eve of the leave for themselves in the refrigerator water


Nothing will refresh and will not lead you to feeling better. Do not be lazy, and then you’re starting to feel like an idiot, sticking my head under the faucet in the bathroom.

9. Get out of the house


Not for me to tell you this, friend: after you guys drank all night, your apartment will look like the epicenter of a nuclear explosion. I don’t even know where there will be a greater pigsty in the kitchen where there is food, or in the hall, which had the main party hard. In any case your house will need cleaning.

Anyway among those present there is some passive-aggressive home king, which is going to start cleaning as soon as you open your eyes, and you will be embarrassed that you don’t want to get in the moment when it wants to do to him. Anyone of you in any case will be frustrating if you start to help him through force, it will irritate you; if you don’t start clean, this home king will be shaken to the core, and you will be embarrassed that you’re not doing anything. Therefore, we offer you or just walk away, or Wake up after your 4-hour sleep, get up while everyone is sleeping — and still leave. If you do so, then woke up, you guys will be very grateful. In addition, if you are neighbours, it will free you from having to clean next time.

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