9 tips for time management

Everyone would like to control time, because with each passing day it becomes less and less. And his childhood was very small, but now — now you have no time even to himself, his girlfriend and a glass of beer with friends. All work, school and responsibilities. But the problem is not that the time is short, and that you correctly treat it. We are not getting any younger, and in a year becomes more days. We don’t want to get to the end you felt like you spent years of your life wasted, so I want to give you valuable tips that will help to streamline your time.1 Stop sleeping!

If you sleep until noon, then you will find it hard to take. Perhaps you think a dream the most beautiful moment in your life, but to give him 9-10 hours a day is folly. In fact, for healthy sleep, not necessarily 8 hours sleep. Most of the missing 6 hours per day to fully recuperate. But here you should not just rely on our word, and to carry out this experiment. You need to find the optimal number of hours that you spend sleeping. Importantly, no harm to health.

2 Transfer activity hours until morning In those days when we are free, many of us prefer to stay up late at night and get up as late as possible. But we noticed that the efficiency is extremely increased if on the contrary, you will shift your day towards the morning. In practice, this means that we should go as early as possible and get up as early as possible.

For most people, the brain activity in the morning is expressed most vividly. The Chairman feels «fresh», and thought well transformirovalsya in action. Night stream of thought rarely goes beyond the thought process — after a dream, all is forgotten. In the dark we may be more susceptible to thoughts of the great and the sublime, but is also much lazier.

3 let go

We’re not telling you to become a novice of the Sretensky monastery and renounce all worldly goods, but look back at your life and see how many «useful things» take your time. Phone calls, emails, messages on social networks, TV and news websites. I am sure that all this makes your life better? In fact, this type of activities very quickly develops into an addiction hard to get rid of that eat off your time a lot of pieces.

Therefore, we recommend you to isolate yourself from electronic devices. Use them for work and the necessary connections, but not for mindless video views or screening the endless flow of news. If you isolate yourself from the outside world imposed on us electronic gadgets, you will soon feel that you have plenty of time for something extremely important. 4 Set the timer When we want to be productive, I always use the timer. We don’t know exactly how it helps, but time limits are good at what we do. For example, you need to complete the project today, you put the timer on two hours and go to work. Timelines help you to work more concentrated, despite the circumstances. However, in this style of work (on a timer) to do small 10-minute breaks, so that the brain does not boil dry completely.

5 Pre-planning is Another effective technique of time management — plan your week in advance, setting realistic goals.

How to do it? Take your Sunday by the scruff and sign on the last day of the week all you want to do in the next 7 days. Prioritize so that the early weeks were the most difficult tasks, and at the end — very simple. Just remember to set goals you need real, not «I want to make a million dollars.» But if you don’t have to plan for a week, then try to schedule for the next two or three days is better than nothing. And quite a time saver.

6 Quality over quantity

Do not try to play in multi-tasking. Your goal is not to achieve success in everything. The goal is to achieve success at least in one thing. In the words of Bruce Lee: «I’m not afraid of who is studying 10,000 different strokes. I’m afraid of the one who studies one kick 10,000 times».

If we talk about the long term, it is always important to complete several major cases, than to take hundreds of cases and nothing to complete. Quality always was and will be is more important than quantity, and he who does not understand, will not achieve anything worthwhile.

7 Buy a Board and markers Are in each office now there. In General, buy yourself a Board and hang it on your wall. Write down all your goals for this week, next week and for the year. The Board, which will always be focusing your attention, not get distracted from the important — that you set in life. It will serve as a necessary reminder that you’re trying to replace a variety of entertainment. In addition, the Board helps at the moment when you need to record your thoughts and ideas. In a sense, it partially implements the plan.

8 Go out for a walk

At first glance, the walk takes you precious time to take your performance, but it is misleading. When you go for a walk, especially during breaks, you restore your energy. A breath of fresh air provides an opportunity for new ideas to get into your head. When you go and reflect on different topics, then your mind gradually relieve the pressure that you have accumulated during operation. 9 Listen to audio books And since you went for a walk, bring an audiobook is a great way to use extra time. Also listen to audio books useful when you are engaged in some thing that doesn’t require from you a strong intellectual impact. In other words, you develop yourself in the moments when they are engaged in boring work. Besides, some people better perceive information by ear and not with sheet — if you’re one of those guys, you audiobook will help you to improve your professional skills.

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