9 things you’ll wish you did sooner


Men are created to regret stuff. Why do it, I don’t really know, but people just love to spare. Many decisions that seem wrong, but most of all we regret that we could not do that. What we didn’t even try to do, even when our side had plenty of chances to cope with the situation. Those things we regret the most. But this is not the worst scenario, because with it we can learn a valuable lesson for the future. Today, we will help you to make a future free from regret, man.

1. The first step

Hell, this garbage can with determination to take first place in the number of tears of regret spilled for her, but we have, if anything, there is still 8 points. When you make the first step in any business or relationship, you literally feel like changing the world around them. Take the first step, however small it was, much better than to sit and think about it. Even if you don’t feel ready for all of the 146 percent (spicy and original political humor), even your worst attempt will be 146 percent more productive and useful than inaction. So easy to get caught up in planning and perfecting, instead of simply to realize you a damn thing, in fact, do not. And life goes on. And girl you’d like to walk, begins to meet with others; your project does not seems so cool, and you get more and more bogged down in the abyss of routine and commonplace.

2. Out of the comfort zone

Some bro can assure all that they got out of the comfort zone, but instead they just sit on the edge, legs dangling and swinging them. And all because they are deathly afraid. Afraid of losing everything they currently have, I’m afraid that they will say no and just afraid.

In fact there is always something to do. Do not confuse it with meaningless action, any action must make sense. Take a chance, it did not happen again, take a chance. The girl different? Not a problem, multiple outputs, either you reach it, or sadly looking for another. But what is most important in «doing», that with each brazen attempt to change your life, you begin to respect yourself more and more.

3. To be a person with whom you would be pleased

People often confuse their priorities with the priorities of their social circle. Standard error. If you want to be true friend someone, you must first be your best friend. You must become a man that fun to Wake up, which is not ashamed to go somewhere and having fun. Love of self cannot be called selfishness, it is a kind of personal development, you will not be able to love yourself and others will you are pretty. Well, or lose itself, like some dam that had long been forgotten when her birthday, but instead lost themselves in an endless washing and cleaning. We are always alone with ourselves, we Wake up by themselves every day. Of course, we may annoy each other, but this should not be allowed ever. Down with discouragement, shorter, and stop whining.

4. Make your happiness a priority

We renounce personal happiness in favor of what seems to us to be a higher priority because it is deathly afraid of risk and are on the path of least resistance. We silenced the voice of your heart and intuition, we grab the money, sincerely not realizing that happiness is not in money, but in perpetual motion. Even to money. We don’t need to lose your own image and disappear into other people, our happiness should be a priority. This, of course, does not mean that you need to walk over the corpses of their loved ones to the cherished goal, which means that its purposes should be given much more attention. There’s enough people with unsatisfied ambitions. Your life is not to please everyone! It is needed in order to do what will give it meaning. To waste emotional wealth it is possible and desirable in the family, but only those really close to you.

5. Practice

If I ever would have written a book called «How to be cool with.» it would be one word: «Practice». Of course, in order to increase its number of pages, I would have figured something else. For example, would other 500 pages numbered pages with the title «practice Report».

Practice may include annoying everyday routine, and a new original experience. But practice is aimed at achieving results, no matter the routine or not, but she’s driven by only reaching heights. Original practice can be considered as attempts to make training interesting, at the time, as standard practice includes routine workouts.

6. The exclusion of the negative influence

The world is harmful, unnecessary people. Sometimes they are, you won’t believe our relatives. We can’t get rid of them, because they «have been with us from the beginning.» Only here the problem is that we don’t need them. They are harmful because they inhibit our development and prevent us to soar above the sinful earth. We already wrote about bad friends, man. It’s time for you to read them.

Also avoid negative emotions and thoughts — it is like weeds for you!

7. Spend a lot of time with people you don’t like

Needless to say, we like to spend time with those we really no way, look at the antics of the Pets and is near your favorite! We don’t live forever, our lives at some point starts to accelerate like a jet, and that two or three hours and you’re already at the destination. Because at first everything was so slow.

But instead we can spend time with those who annoy us, those who we don’t roads and constantly sticks up. We may convince ourselves that we like this person or friendship with him can bring us some fruits, but don’t lie to yourself: these fruits will be negligible when compared with nerves and hours.

8. Not to appreciate life and what you have

Ironically, we begin to appreciate what we had only when we lose him. Then it seems to us that we had, in fact, is not enough, and we it somewhere Delhi. Big day tomorrow, but this day can also be made large. All that might be, it doesn’t matter, because he’s not currently with you, it is a dead end branch that had withered. You can see the best days in my life, even quite bad, but really bad at you, until it was. And for that, it makes sense to appreciate life.

9. To forgive and to go forward

Sometimes we can’t forgive myself for something to go on. Sometimes in our life it happens that the way was not in our plans. But, man, it’s past tense, you can’t have a good day today, if you care about the past tense.

There are things that are quite difficult to survive. Instead, you just need to take courage and go forward, moving slowly but moving. We can’t understand why these things happened. Normally, you don’t have the answers to all the questions. Them no one!

There is a lot great, believe me. You just need to go!

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