9 things you didn’t know about the clitoris

If you are not born in the community of Jehovah’s witnesses, you probably know what lurks between the legs of your friend. This tiny and strange. That’s right — it’s the clitoris, and strictly speaking, it is very tiny. In fact it is a powerful organ of sexual pleasure, which has many unique and interesting characteristics. Raise the flag sex education.

1 It is very sensitive


The clitoris contains at least 8,000 sensory nerve endings. To understand the difference, then pay attention to your dick — everything is 4,000 nerve endings. So this «tiny» area of the female body is the most excitable erogenous zone of a woman. Powerful sensations that it causes, are spread through the pelvic area by affecting 15,000 other nerve endings.

2 It more than you think

The famous French psychoanalyst and part-time relative of Napoleon Bonaparte Marie spent quite abnormal operation at the time — move the clitoris closer to the vagina. Why? To be able to orgasm from vaginal sex. This is a problem many women, if you didn’t know. If the space between the clitoris and the vagina is more than three centimeters, that vaginal orgasm may never happen.

But the saddest of operation Bonaparte was the fact that to go under the knife was not necessary — nothing has changed. The fact that she did not know that only a quarter of the clitoris can be seen firsthand. The rest is inside the body, which means that the body can’t just pick up and move. The clitoris consists of many different parts, including head, hood, erectile tissue many glands, vestibular bulbs and legs. Only one clitoral head is on the mind. 3 He looks like a penis «Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, and each other, they will never understand» — that’s bullshit! In fact, men and women are more alike than most of us. All children from the moment of conception have the same genital tissue. Only at the 12th week, the genitals every child begins to differentiate into a penis or labia. So in a sense, the clitoris and penis are created from the same parts, only the instructions were different. The clitoris has a head, foreskin, erectile tissue. It even increases with stimulation. Thank the gods that most of it is hidden, otherwise unhealthy analogies with penises would be much greater.

4 It grows


The clitoris increases throughout a woman’s life. No, it is not increased in those who too often and Fucks well (is a myth). The increase is due to the hormonal changes in the body. When a girl begins puberty, the clitoris begins to grow in size. By the end of puberty the clitoris will be about 1.8 times more. By the time when a woman turns 32, the clitoris will be almost four times more than at the beginning of puberty. And this is not an end. After menopause, the clitoris will be about seven times more than at birth. Don’t be scared! Nothing to bulge from the pants your girl will not be — too small area, so the changes are not very noticeable.

5 It was created for sex

The girls are full of erogenous zones, but many of them seem to have become established by chance. But not the clitoris. It was created for fun. This is the only body part designed just for that. Other parts of the body that you can caress, stimulate, etc., have an alternative function. For example, breast-fed children. And clitoris what? A clitoris only for fun. Men in this regard, cheated. Body, which is designed exclusively for

the fun we have. 6 People Clitoral Birds do it. Bees do it. Well, the bees may not do it, but every human female is the clitoris. We humans are one of the few life forms that use the clitoris for sexual pleasure. This does not imply that females of other mammals are unable to orgasm — many mammals are able to experience sexual pleasure, as we are.

7 Orgasm and its absence


Only 30% of women able to reach orgasm with the penis in the vagina. Others require direct stimulation of the clitoris, it can RUB, lick, suck or poke sex toys. Tricks in this area are numerous, but generic methods was not. Each clitoris has its advantages, what you must know if you are trying not only to get pleasure from sex, but a girlfriend to please.

8 they don’t leave Him alone

Women do not talk about it, but some of them go under the knife to alter their clitorises. There is, for example, a procedure that involves removing excess fabric in the hood to increase sensitivity. The size of the clitoris can be enlarged or reduced. There are operations such as «vaginal rejuvenation». Some of them, however, focused on the real issues that cause women pain, but most women go to plastic surgeons quite other reasons — they want an orgasm. Adequate plastic surgeons considered and will consider that such operations can permanently deprive a girl of sex life — there is always risk. 9 They are all different , Some small, some large, some hidden, others practically bulge out of the body. Some increase in size in a state of excitement, when others are hiding «under the hood». Some like strong pressure, others prefer a lighter touch. Every clitoris is unique. It is important to understand that because such knowledge will give us men the answer to the eternal question: «What do women want in bed?»

According to the materials of Chiara Lori

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