9 things that will never make true friends

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Of course, there is such a thing as real friendship, it was extolled in classic novels like «Three comrades», showed it in movies. We used to pretend that any friendship the two men are a priori real and a much stronger female. We put too much on this, it would seem that postulate, but life is much more complicated than we would like, and we often wishful thinking.

How to determine whether or not your friend is your friend? Here we give you five things that never made real friends.

1. They criticize you for your flaws

Friendship and love are similar in that to truly love you for who you are at the moment. But it doesn’t change the fact that you don’t have to get better to swing or to lose weight. Friends are able to find in other people nice things, can see them and can appreciate you for them. If they criticize your faults and trying to humiliate, going back to the article about bad company.

2. They go away when you have a difficult time

To be with someone in a Sunny and joyful time for him — simple. But to be there when he’s in trouble with the troubles — it’s worth it. In that moment, when you get really sick and you seemingly have lost everything, look around, look around — the ones who still support you, true friends, others need to let go.

3. They let you

Many people do not like that their friends are much cooler in many ways. So they, often unknowingly, are trying to keep their commitment and do everything possible to prevent your «friends» to do what they want. They are trying to turn your sky into a ceiling. Watch out for those dudes who try to belittle your ambitions and abilities. But if you gently and constructively criticize — we ask you not to confuse the hard with the soft. Small hearts and minds always trying to humiliate the person who is trying to climb to the stars, well, or at least to the top of that mountain there. Real friends will help you reach your full potential. Well, a little upsetting that you didn’t go where it doesn’t belong.

4. To keep you on the offense

Not only that, they pretend everything is fine, but in my heart instead quietly hate you. They do not believe that people do change, they believe that people are categorically unchanged, which, I agree, is nonsense. Well, they think specifically you don’t change. And if you think they will keep their resentment to themselves, you’re wrong: they constantly remind you about it. Why, I wonder?

5. They are lying to you

So, we know that you can say that it was the same in bad company. But it also applies to a single one. If you lie often, I personally do not see sense to communicate with that person.

6. They pretend to be, who have done the most for you

And you constantly remind me. «Who told you that this is your job? Who said that you’ll really go? Who approved and help you with relationship with this beautiful girl?» The most unpleasant in this situation — we begin to believe it. And just because we often can’t think why a grown intelligent man generally behave like a child and to extol himself so brazenly.

Those guys who care about you, can sit with you and be silent. Because they don’t think you have to insert your broken penny. They will shoulder, but you can’t expect from them that they will solve all your problems. Often this is not friends, perhaps the equivalent of «pretty boys» for men, and perhaps the real manipulators.

7. They take from you but give nothing in return

So constituted an altruistic attitude that you first give something, and then be sure to get something in return, as normal bro somehow indecent to be in anyone’s debt. But non-friends are absolutely fine to use your services and give nothing in return. And if you catch them by the hand, they are surprised and say, «But we’re friends! What you do for people?»

8. They are bullying you

Sometimes this happens unknowingly, but most importantly: it’s always from evil. Remark — not good, and absolutely. You can lower, your girlfriend can down and tell her to take her place. Last endure I do not see the point, whether it be your brother, friend, but you omit your girlfriend is extreme! If you ever threaten one, it is not even close to one, hope you understand.

9. They make you feel like you’re their burden and imposed

A real friendship and a friendship that not even close to onerous. For true friends will always find a place in the heart, and they have this is the place. Therefore it is not necessary to impose, in essence, strangers who may be doing all of these eight things described above, but not evil.

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