9 the most useless exercises

If you, man, going to the gym, you obviously are there for a purpose, namely to build muscle or just maintain good form. Of course there are special exercises. Surprise: not all of them are equally useful. Moreover, some of the exercises just spend your time and effort, but the result of them virtually no. Let’s deal with them.

1. Traditional drill press

right on Pres

But dudes used to rock press so! However, a study conducted by the University of San Diego, compared the effectiveness of different exercises for abs, and the classic version is not included even in the top ten! As you do this exercise in a position «sitting», the most vulnerable point becomes the spine. It’s not very tough.

What to do in return? stick on the captain’s chair:

right on Pres

…or do the following exercise: lie on back, arms get behind your head and perform crunches, elbow reaching to opposite knee. Cool thing!

right on Pres

2. Simulator «chest press»

chest press

The problem with this simulator is that it is difficult to balance the weight, and your classes become less effective than it could be. In addition, he has a limited number of settings. For example, you can adjust the height, but can’t vary the design of the simulator depending on the length of the arms and shoulders. In the result, you have to strain the wrong muscles and not to the extent, therefore, the limp results.

What to do instead: pullups, dumbbell bench press or barbell lying.

bench press bar lying

dumbbell bench press lying

3. Thrust rod to the chin narrow grip

thrust rod to the chin

You see a guy hard? Here it is! This exercise is dangerous because your shoulders are in an unfavourable position in order to lift the weight. As a result, you risk to damage nerves and tendons. Better not.

What to do instead: side lifts dumbbells or dumbbell bench press standing.

lateral raise dumbbells

4. The vertical thrust of the head

the vertical thrust of the head

It seems that this exercise did in the rocky movie, and then ate the meat and shouted at his wife, no? And yet I always see dudes in the gym who is also doing the vertical thrust of the head. I always want to approach them and say, «what the hell are you doing?» but I don’t want to be the most annoying type who always climbs with unsolicited advice. So I pass with a look of disapproval in the hope that it somehow will come across them on the idea. Though, most likely, they just think I have constipation or some other sadness-trouble.

What’s wrong with this exercise? And the same thing with the previous. It kills the rotating device of your shoulder.

What to do instead: cravings top.

pull zverhu

5. Dumbbell ShakeWeight

Look at this video. It is complete idiocy, no good! If you’re a fan ShakeWeight, then good luck to you in life.

What to do instead: judging by the movements of this guy, an adequate alternative exercise – view lesbian porn.

6. Exercise the oblique muscles lying on your side

exercises for oblique muscles

I understand: of course, you want relief oblique muscles that drive her friends crazy. Laudable desire. But one point you’ve clearly lost: you shake the muscle out, so the waist you have increases, you are expanding. Wow, dude. Although if you play sport professionally, does not make this exercise: formed muscle belt will be very relevant in a moment of great stress for the body. Here it is important to prioritize.

What to do instead: side bridge.

exercises for oblique muscles

7. The leg extension in the sitting position

right on my feet

In this exercise there are two obstacles. First, you are working quads and not budge, and it’s bad for your hamstrings. If you’re gonna develop muscles, and the tendons will not work, it is fraught with trauma.

Second, this exercise works the knees much more than I would like. In the end, all good for your muscles will «offset» the damage that you will inflict upon their knees.

What to do instead of the leg press.

the leg press

8. The Simulator Smith

the simulator Smith

This is a trainer for the girls and those who no what the hell did not give up the balance. Of course, it is safe and all, but it’s not the only thing that interests you. You don’t get should load on this simulator and just profilinizi.

What to do instead of: normal exercise.

9. Abdominal exercise equipment

abdominal exercise equipment

Studies have shown that abdominal exercise equipment ineffective – so much so that it’s even sad. But what can you do, man, that’s life. It’s not going to make you quit training?

What to do instead: the same exercise that we described in the first paragraph.

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