9 signs you’re in bad company

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Company, and just people meet in our lives every day. Even if we managed to gain a foothold in any of them, this does not mean that our company is now in good company. In fact, it could just be a strange love that we feel for these people, or a simple unwillingness to change something in your life. But the truth remains: if our environment does not make us better, but rather makes you feel like a loser — it’s a bad environment. It has to change. And today’s article will help you do that.

1. They meet with you only when it suits them

The first and obvious sign. If a company or a person to meet you at a convenient time for them, leave them: that’s not friends, or even friends. If you can’t get them to walk or to go for a drink, and any initiative coming from them at the most inopportune time for you — congratulations, you are! Don’t let them do it, man! Despite the fine words about the relationship in the spirit of «no One owes nothing to», this does not happen. If dudes have entered into a relationship, then they someone something needs.

2. They always remember your past

These people do not accept the idea that you could change. They are some happy to remind you of old mistakes, showing you what a bad dude. Although many years have passed. Guys who treat you with respect, will never remember your past because they see that it has passed, and you’ve changed. Such attentive to what is gone, need to leave behind, and that will have to repair your future.

3. You feel trapped

Healthy relationships on healthy and you can easily come to this man and walk away. Can break and run, and then return. When the relationship is normal, there is a feeling that all doors and Windows are wide open: you can come, go, and breathe well. In a relationship with «the wrong people» (no matter what) you feel like a prisoner, is lured into the house and then locked. You inconvenient, uncomfortable, can’t relax. So why not find the strength not to get away from them?

4. They belittle your abilities and dreams

Normal dudes will praise you for something good and scold for something bad. But they will not only blame you for stuff. My life was a friend who constantly humiliated my abilities in all fields and believed that my dreams are stupid, naive and wrong. And she was sure that I engaged in unloved business. Rather, that everything I do, I do not fit. Over the years I realized that the friend was just trying to go on my background, my humiliating, by the way, the obvious advantages. If you say that you’re definitely doing well (and you know it), complete garbage, know, friend, you got into bad company — it’s time to get out of here. And never make excuses for these dudes, like he has, just my opinion. Of course, she expressed her opinion, but why do you have such people around? Buddies, friends and loved ones should support you. And occasionally to blame for the cause.

5. They lied to you more than once (at-large)

Love, like friendship — things that are confirmed. If someone lies to you, it means only one thing: he doesn’t respect you. And your relationship too.

Let’s say you have forgiven the man a lie, and he take thee again of reason, and so stupid and disrespectful. And why? Because he does not respect your feelings and act in their own interests. This dude may not even be aware that he actually is doing, but it will still be chronically lie to you.

6. They are negative

There are people who are negatively disposed to everything. They also shouldn’t have a relationship. Their negativity is expressed in a negative attitude not only to you but to everything you at the moment true you interact. These people are constantly laughing and messing with you and people around you will think that is just their nature, but in fact is a bad company.

7. They are very jealous of you

Envy does not apply to all assets and personal qualities of the man. If people are jealous of «white envy» everything that has a relation to another person, the envy of anything not «white», but the most common. Jealousy in any case does not mean that you admire. Jealousy is always the scorn and contempt of man. So if you hear from man the eternal «What’s your girl!», «What you drive» — know, he envies and hates you. And this is bad.

8. They make you to be biased and hate the other

If your mate and company to make you not respect and hate others, this company is not a priori the most positive. You decide who you hate: not small!

9. They want you to be someone else

The most important reason, friend. If other signs sometimes occur and good people, this symptom almost always means that you got into bad company. Your friends or loved ones know what kind of person. If they are trying to change something, only your habits, and that is completely optional: if you want change, you want. Bad company wants you to completely redo. These people are trying to change you and assign to you different drawbacks, which you’re not watched. Humiliated and trying to tell you your place. And decide for you. Why would you need the other? Forget it.

But this is not all the signs of a bad company. There are many others. In the comments you can write other characteristics of companies that considered bad.

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