9 signs that you need a vacation

manygoodtips.com_31.07.2014_DnmzWzuu8CK9IFatigue is an insidious thing. Of course, 8 hours of sound and healthy sleep helps you to regain strength before the new working day, however, a small percentage of fatigue remains after you have slept well. The longer you live without a vacation, the more fatigue accumulates to this.

Soon you begin to feel that you do not work 8 hours a day and round the clock without weekends and lunch breaks. This means that your fatigue became chronic.

We will tell you how to determine for sure that you reached the limit, and it’s time to take a vacation.

1. You make small mistakes

You send a letter to the partner and only after his response, rereading your dialogue, you notice a bunch of cipatat and missing commas. The most likely cause of your carelessness in fatigue. This is it, my dear, leads to absurd mistakes and makes you look like a complete idiot in the eyes of colleagues.

2. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the morning

You come to work, look at the list of upcoming cases and you want to cry. But a few weeks ago the same problem does not seem to be impossible and does not lead you to despair. General fatigue, apathy is a characteristic symptom of what you completely were phalsa.

3. The fatigue never leaves you

You want to lie down to sleep right on the keyboard, as well as at the table, at the water cooler and on the shoulder of a boss? It seems it’s not lack of sleep (because sleep is something you just enough), the fact that you need a little more relaxation than I can give you another weekend.

4. You irritable

Are you ready to yell at everyone, accidentally touched you on the bus, and your dog hiding in the bathroom when she sees you. With friends all is not so smooth: you are offended by innocent jokes, and seek out the trick in every word. In other words, you’re ready to explode at any moment, only a finger touch.

5. You suffer from insomnia

«Still not enough» — you think. Constant stress caused by chronic fatigue can not affect your body. And in that moment, when you need to rest, your body is rebelling against you.

6. You can’t focus

You spend half your working day in order to understand why you’re here. And when you realize that you can’t work five minutes without having to look myspace, checking e-mail or do something else completely useless. You just difficult to focus on what’s really important.

7. You cease to be interested in other things

Coming home from work, you don’t want to read, watch a movie or play tanks, all you need is eat and sleep, and everything else you are not interested. You score to communicate with loved ones.

8. You lost all motivation

You don’t care about will work on the new project is interesting, exciting, it will bring good dividends to the company, it will be important for you personally. You do not motivate and can not do anything to break the deadlock.

9. Have you no ambition

You completely disregard that the work on this project may be the way to improve. You are not even motivated by money, not to mention career prospects. And when you offer a position in the company of your dreams, you just shrug. You just care what happens to you and your life.

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