9 reasons why you should visit Australia

Australia has it all: magnificent snow-capped mountain peaks, pristine beaches and a vast desert land, delicious food, beautiful architecture, not to mention good-natured, calm Australian people, who will make anyone feel like their best friend.

In Australia there are many other things (such as climate, coffee, theme parks etc etc.) that make it «great southern Land»

This is not all, but here’s 9 reasons why you should visit Australia:

1. Natural, beautiful and varied landscapes

Wonderful, clean, shiny beaches, rainforests, snow-white plain. Any landscape that you’d like to see, you will find in Australia.

2. Exciting wildlife

Its diverse landscapes abound with wildlife that are not found anywhere else. Kangaroos, koalas, echidna and platypus, wombats, Tasmanian devils are just some animals with amazing wildlife, whose natural habitat is only in Australia.

3. Beautiful city

Complex, noisy, elegant but unpretentious Australian city, each of them special and unique. Melbourne has twice been recognized as the most livable city on Earth. Sydney was voted the best city in the world, Perth and Adelaide are also in the list of the top 10 cities with the best conditions of life: stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure of the city.

4. Amazing beaches

The Australian beaches are known as some of the best beaches in the world, Australia also has many small Islands which can be reached in just a few minutes by ferry, by plane or by boat from the hotel. Clean long beaches with white powdery sand and warm sparkling turquoise water.

5. Night life

From casinos to world-class restaurants, clubs, pubs and beach bars — in Australia there are a large variety of night life.

In Melbourne there is a big fashion scene and lots of cool rooms. Gold coast Queensland is definitely known for it’s wild and brilliant life of the party-goers. Surfer Paradise on the gold coast full of tanned, beautiful Australian girls and guys-surfers, cosmopolitan high-rise apartments, luxury resorts, theme parks, casinos and stunning beaches.

6. Beautiful girl with relaxed persons

Australian girls are friendly, unpretentious and everyone is very cheerful and funny! They are open for communication, I love cold beer and pleasant atmosphere. Not to mention the fact that they are just wonderful!

7. Amazing, friendly people willing to help

Australians are very friendly and quiet people. They are always ready to have fun! Australians will be happy to tell you if you don’t know how to go to a certain place, or do you just want to talk — they are happy to share with you your time! If you go to the local pub and start a conversation with someone, they make you feel apart of their company and tell you some funny stories about the recent intrigues.

8. The great barrier reef

Great barrier reef — the world’s largest coral reef system, stretching 2300 km along the coast of Queensland, with a coverage area of 345,000 square kilometres (larger than the United Kingdom and a United Ireland!). It’s so big, it can be seen from space!

As the largest living structure on the planet, the Great barrier reef is a marine Wonderland, where they live more than 1 500 gave fish, six species of sea turtles, 134 species of sharks, 411 species of hard coral, more than one third of soft coral in the world and more than 30 species of marine mammals, including dolphins, whales, dugong and impressionable.

9. Food

Meat pies, Vegemite (a paste of dark brown color on the basis of yeast extract ), Tim There (chocolate chip cookies), Pavlova (a cake-meringue with fresh fruit), Lamington (sponge cake). Some of these things you never know and nothing about them to hear. But Australians grow on these products, some of them are consumed daily, such as Vegemite. But in addition to these iconic Australian products, Australia offers some of the finest restaurants in the world. Australia is a multicultural country and it can be seen from the diverse variety of food available.

Fashionable, high quality food restaurants and cafes popping up everywhere, meeting the demand and the appetite of residents and visitors to Australia.

Australians love a big Breakfast and coffee, and if you love your coffee, it is only until then, until you have tried coffee in Australia. They take their coffee seriously, and their coffee culture is often referred to as the most developed and vibrant in the world.

Avstralitsy like seafood and meat, so popular dish served in most pubs there is a ‘Surf ‘n’ Turf’, usually meaning a steak and some seafood, most often shrimp.

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