9 reasons to buy a vinyl player


For almost 120 years of records accompany humanity with variable popularity among the masses. Since then, as in the United States published the first record of nothin ‘ with this simple media till the end of the 20th century knew no other way to listen to music, and he did not need. «Vinyl» played quality, were inexpensive and suitable for mass circulations, and most importantly — nothing since then has changed.

In the 90s, at the beginning of the rapid development of high technology, humanity is suddenly seemed to many not to bother with this option. But no, almost immediately after the onset of the Millennium sale «vinyl» started to rise, production resumed, and experts screamed about a new wave of popularity of «retro» style. Now, in 2016, any average music fan thinks: «not to buy a vinyl player?». So you’re not tormented with doubts, we found in the local market the old «Rigonda» and keeping it there for a couple of days in the wording, made the top the most compelling reason for such an unusual purchase.

1 Remember the old days Even the generation of the 90s remembers the accumulation of «vinyl» is on the shelves of their parents and grandparents. What can we say about those who grew up in the era of «scoop», when in pursuit of any record with a foreign contractor or with rare songs had to go through a multi-level quest, where in the course went all: from giving paw friends to people to travel to another city. The old guard with a smile in his eyes says «Golden» days of his youth, so any turntable for them – it’s not just music, but a part of life.

2 be Transported to another era


There is a boy who is not fond of would be gangster America of the 20s, daring, and provocative British 50’s, relaxed and exciting Europe ‘ 80s – that era that are famous for their romance, and which I would like to be at least one day. But turntable in this regard – a real time machine. Sit in the evening with a cigarette under the magic voices of Armstrong and Fitzgerald; to prepare Breakfast under the cheerful choruses of The Beatles and Fleetwood Mac; sing along with friends of the immortal Freddie and four Swedes. Isn’t it great? Especially if the player is really stylish and compact. If you compare the traditional model and the present, like AT-LP60BT, then the choice will be damn difficult, because the indicators clearly better — support Bluetooth and anti-resonance die-cast aluminum disc will beat any «old man».

3 to By in imitation of idol

Many famous movie stars were drawn from vinyl, finding the rest for the soul. Restless exorcist whose life consists of fighting demons and angels, John Constantine, coming home often included a rousing jazz, marking the beginning of a new business (one of the plates even were the property of the Devil). And the hero of all libertarian Andy du Frain times included on the gramophone Mozart for all the prisoners of Shawshank, risking to be back in solitary confinement. Not cool (hah, pun!), still «blamed» for intellectuals.4 you Have your requirements for quality music


Let’s face it: vinyl record players is no better sound than modern counterparts. And contrary to the myths, plate is not capable of «deeper/clean/right» sound — those who says otherwise, simply succumbed to the effect of «placebo» and messed himself knows that. However, «vinyl» is a pleasant characteristic distortion and lack of or a milder variant of dynamic range compression. If the elephant gently passed your ears at a tangent, you will notice the difference, however, is often it all depends on the artist and those doing the recording. But if the player is good, even a broken record will sound quite well: the same AT-LP60BT available two speeds and a built-in preamplifier with mute function and AT3600L cartridge with two moving magnets equipped with a detachable diamond needle. But if «Plutonite» nothing, you can use a dual RCA cable from the kit.

5 You need a «strong» music is Probably in this lies the beauty of records — people again began buying them not so much because of the sound or a love of retro, they are just tired of soulless auto search on smartphones. Gadgets have become so accustomed to anticipate our tastes, giving the desired song after typing the first letter of the name of the song that it’s disgusting. The car will never understand the essence of the impermanence of a man who approaches a shelf with plates, intending to take Lennon, but says «vinyl» album, The Rolling Stones, and realizes that tonight he will hold under the sound of these compositions.

6 to get cool collection


Since we gathered here to speak honestly, we must admit that «vinyl» is a little bit of posturing. This has its own charm, when at a party someone from friends envious examines a shelf of your records or asks for your permission to put something cool. And what a glorious feeling takes when during a romantic evening you’re out of the package disc with songs of Sinatra or Presley, and her eyes (!) hold it under the needle of the record player, giving the date of the special atmosphere. By the way, the design of all models AT-LP makes clear that such a thing will be a real decoration of the modern apartment.

7 you Can feel like a DJ the Item is not as enthusiastic as others, but without it in any way. You probably have a dream «to go» plate to get the same signature sound that great work in films and DJs even the lowest level. Or to put it in reverse playback, to hear the sounds of hell. Again, entertainment is purely for large companies.

8 You — retrofill or technophobe


In all seriousness, now on the planet a huge number of people who contemptuously turn away from the electronics stores and do not use the Internet (unfortunately, they will never read this article). Retromania still more: those that adore steampunk, searching flea markets for vintage cameras and basically not listening to modern songs. Vinyl player, no matter new or old, one of its kind, represents a compromise between this century past. Despite the fact that the above model would look wildly at the beginning of the 20th century, LP5 clearly more neutral look classic, simple style is not the only advantage. Curved tonearm with manual feed, built-in Phono stage, separate for each output audio grounding cable and output for digitizing vinyl recordings would appreciate our ancestors.

9 to Please the older generation

By the way, about the ancestors. We have long thought that can surpass this gift to mom and dad or grandma and grandpa as a vinyl player, but Choi has not been raised, but get nostalgic album with his voice — is quite real. It is not quite the case, when «hand made» is better. «Vinyl» will forever remain a symbol of the last century in which our parents lived, so why not give them the opportunity to at least briefly return in days of youth?

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