9 qualities of a real man

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To build a big house, needs a solid Foundation on which to build all other important things. To make himself a great man, also needs a solid Foundation where you can add all the other little things that are part of a real man.

However,a lot of men do not have such grounds, and some believe that a real man is one who, for example, possesses the skills of a pickup truck that a real man is macho, a man must be tough and not show their emotions. But in fact, it does not make the man great.

Here are some tips that will help you lay the Foundation in the formation of your personality, of course, if you’re not a real man and a great man.

1. A real man should be strong

A real man not yelling, not moaning, not complaining and not going to the doctor every time he sneezes. He makes a decision and takes responsibility for their actions and their words. A real man is persistent. If life is*hell, a real man will give her a slap and move on.

2. A real man is focused

A real man knows the difference between what’s important and what’s not. A real man does not waste time on nonsense that does not bring him any benefit. Of course, there are things that you can do as a hobby.

A real man focuses on power, wealth and family. He does not focus on sex. Sex comes as a result of the fact that he has power, money and wife.

3. A real man is not lying

A real man keeps his mouth shut. He does not participate in girl talk about other. A real man doesn’t discuss things about which she knows little, and does not discuss people he’s never met.

4. A real man keeps his word

When a real man makes a promise, he keeps it. If he can’t keep that promise, he gives the word. A real man would rather die than break his promise. A real man knows that his words are as strong as his actions, and they should be taken at face value.

5. A real man strives to be a role model

A real man respects himself and others, of course, if it was not treated disrespectfully. He sets an example for their children and hides from them their weaknesses.

6. A real man makes a fortune

A real man does not count on promises of handouts or charity when it comes to his personal fortune. He doesn’t need the money of his father. He spits on lady luck and decides his own destiny. A real man, if you inherit the condition from their ancestors, takes it and multiplies tenfold.

7. A real man doesn’t look like a woman

A real man doesn’t have piercings and long hair, and he shaves his chest. Manicure however is acceptable. Massage from the female masseuse is also allowed.

A real man needs at least three suits (one of which is necessarily in pinstripes). A real man wears a suit at least three times a week. Anyone who doesn’t know how to tie a tie, should immediately learn.

8. A real man keeps his house in order

Have you ever been in the house of the boss? There are no boxes of pizza on the floor, no shirts, and definitely no unpaid bills being used as beer coasters. No ruler can not control their territory, if he owns his own house.

This means that you should not be lazy and must keep your home spotless, keep your documents in order, and clothes were clean and not to refer to the fact that it’s a female thing.

9. This man should be able to fend for themselves

You know what’s missing in the modern world? Leaders who were forced to work their way to the top. Seriously, look around you, at the head of almost any business is the boss, the power and money of the parents which prevented him from ever learning things the hard way.

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