9 phrases that make excuses are lazy

lazyAround the world people are doing something useful right in those seconds until you read the text. You may be one of them if you want. The first step is to stop telling yourself these nine useless tales.

1. I can’t

The only person who can tell you: «You can’t» is yourself. If you hear these words coming from somewhere in the depths of your brain, pull it sound.

Your faith can move mountains, and your doubts may rise. Your doubt in yourself — the first enemy on the path to personal growth. When you leave your unnecessary worries about their own capabilities, when you begin to respect yourself, you’ll realize how much you can do and you’d be surprised how many possibilities hidden in you.

In the end, your doubts and your faith have something in common: they require you to believe in what you cannot see. You only have to make a choice of what.

2. We just need a good idea

When you do nothing, you do not get.

The idea will do nothing for you — you need to bring it to life. In fact, a good idea can sit down in your head and bring you more harm than good. Your subconscious realizes that you procrastinates. The work that you put off, brings stress, anxiety, fear, and more procrastination — a vicious circle that only gets worse. To interrupt the action.

Progress is measured exclusively by actions. If there is no activity, no progress.

3. I’ll do it tomorrow

Successful people have the habit of doing today what lazy people plan for tomorrow.

The biggest enemy of productivity is a worthless faith that tomorrow somehow better suited to to do something than today. It’s a big fat lie. Tomorrow you’ll feel exactly the same, and the day will never come.

Your real problem is not that today you can’t, and your mood. Understand finally that tomorrow as such do not exist and never will exist. The only opportunity that you have, is the one that you have now. This moment. There is no day except today.

If you do today what others won’t do, you’re in luck. You’ll Wake up tomorrow and feel the ability to do something others can’t.

4. I’m not ready

If something makes you nervous and feel uncomfortable, it means you’re doing everything right, you grow. Any productive growth associated with the release of the comfort zone.

Your feelings are only anxiety and fear, the usual attempts to find his way. Anxiety — nothing like an inner fear that repeatedly forces you to survive setbacks before they happen to you. It is an illusion. Resign yourself to the fact that your fears can’t prevent anything bad, but they can stop your life.

So get used to difficult feelings. Your desire for success must overcome the fear of failure. In the end, random events of your life is always cause for some poluosoznannye feelings of excitement and fear. You can consciously control your reaction to them. Focus on that, and you’ll always be more productive.

5. My best work is still not good enough

When you are doing an important job that makes you move forward, it’s okay to be critical of yourself. This is because you want to do well. You have a vision of the desired result: how it should look and function.

Often between the fruit of our labor and our expectations are very big differences. You tell yourself that your work is still not good enough: you’re trying, but still can not achieve the desired result. Hate it, it drives you crazy, and you’re ready to quit.

But this desire of perfection that you put in the forefront, and prompted you to do this work. And this fact is priceless. This passion, this drive. Don’t let your desire to be better to put a cross on what you have already achieved, to throw improve and learn.

You will definitely get the desired. Just need time and practice. If you’re in this phase, understand that it’s normal and the most important thing you can do is continue to do my job. Only doing more work, you will improve your skills and reduce the gap between the expected result and the fruit of their labors.

6. Better to quit now and not waste time and effort

As once said to Winston Churchill: «Success is never final, and failure is fatal. What matters is the desire to continue the work».

Perseverance is the mother of productivity. Setbacks, large and small, happen every day even to the best of us. The strongest and most productive people are not those who always succeed, and those who do not give up when they lose.

When you feel ready to quit, think about what path you’ve done and why you started the business. Often you are much closer to breakthrough than you think. Some people stop their attempts when they had almost reached the goal while others, on the contrary, Wade to the target through any failures, until the very last second.

When you learn to throw the case, it becomes a habit. Always keep going!

7. Any pain is bad

No matter how hard you tried, you will not be able to completely avoid pain: you can’t avoid one of the most important components of growth. You still have a choice: you can surrender the pain and throw or work, no matter what, to persevere thing, and gradually achieve one of the desired goals.

Pain is part of the way; its development and what will you do with it is your choice. In any painful problem hidden opportunity — one that literally negates this problem.

Your biggest success will grow out of recognition of this problem and turning it into a new opportunity.

8. Structure and sequence don’t matter

Your ability to set themselves clear and realistic goals and discipline to work every day to achieve them guarantees success. It is much more important than any other method of productive work.

If you do everything consistently, focus on the effort, you will inevitably from scratch will achieve the same results that people that have gone far.

9. Too late

Not true. It’s never too late to make another choice and to make your life something new.

It is obvious to many, but sometimes you have to literally grind it into his head that your future depends on what you’re doing now. Any moment could be your new beginning. To complain about lost time and lost opportunities pointless. There is nothing you can do about it.

The future starts now. Here right now. Grab it with both hands and pull to itself struggling. If on your journey you will encounter a barrier and you will face a choice, sit back or do something for the sake of further progress, choose the second option. Think, work, climb if necessary get your butt in the future.

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