9 of the strangest liquors in the world

Despite all the differences: ethnic, religious, geographic, political — all people are United by many things, including a recurring desire to drink. Since the dawn of mankind in almost all world cultures were seen attempts to synthesize the alcohol, quite unique, and at times unpredictable.

Today we have a stable and usual range of alcoholic beverages that have become part of our life and are considered normal: whiskey, vodka and some regular liquor, beer, wine. What’s beautiful about capitalism, it’s the fact that he makes available any exotic. Booze is no exception. We present to you nine of the most unusual liqueurs from around the world that you can try.

9. Sinara (liqueur made from artichokes)

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I used to think that the strangest alcohol — Grappa, Italian grape brandy, nasty.’ And what is alcohol made from grape skins, seeds and other cake — in short, of wine production? But when I saw Sinara drink of fermented artichokes, Grappa began to find me as cute and cozy as Slippers. Don’t know how it taste, but doesn’t sound very appetizing.

8. Ruth (organic liqueur)


This is a recipe of native Americans, i.e. Indians. They have adopted the first settlers, and this surprises me: they’re kind of like were puritans, which God strictly forbade to drink. How to explain it? Anyway, in history we still do not understand, but in the composition of the drink is still possible. It is made from sugar cane, birch bark, black tea leaves, cinnamon and cardamom. Dear Indians, what is this vigorous mix?! This liqueur can kick ass to everyone, even Superman, and Nikita Dzhigurda. All who dare to drink it.

7. Pulque is a Mexican liqueur made from agave


Pulque is a thick, milky fluid, made from the fermented juice of the agave growing in Mexico. The history of the drink goes back to the XV—XVI centuries, which proves to us one as old as the world the truth: no matter how bad living conditions, under all circumstances, people will find a way to get drunk.

6. Tincture of vodka on the Scorpion

vodka on the Scorpion

Simply and absolutely: we have vodka is Scorpio. What the inventor has up to this crap? And for the sake of novelty. The drink is sold in bottles of 70 and 250 ml Well, what about that drink voodoo? How to drink alcohol, inside which floats a poisonous reptile? The manufacturer claims that it is as safe as drinking ordinary vodka, because Scorpions are usually purified from the venom. Still not myself.

5. Ready to drink (Dominican viagra)

ready to drink

Needless to say, this miracle was done long before the birth of viagra. As you already understood, this elixir is designed to make you, ahem, manly. This drink is mixed grass and wood — sounds like something not very tasty. This is good for several weeks soaked in rum, wine and honey. If any of you guys tried this shit, comment and immediately inform whether the system is running.

4. Kierewiet (tincture of cannabis)


All who though time in life made the pilgrimage to Amsterdam, you know why, anyway I ran across this drink. It is made from cannabis it’s bright green, and her fortress is 14.5%. Not tried it myself, but I think the herbal taste is wonderful.

3. Logwrite (yogurt liqueur)


A wonderful product of globalization: made in Holland, packaged in France and used mainly in Japan, where it is mixed with tasty tropical juices. In General, this drink is used to do something similar alcoholic strip. Good idea, need to try a budget option. I think it is even much more logical: make strip clubbing there the yogurt and vodka and it’s in the bag!

2. Vodka with smoked salmon

vodka with smoked salmon

For some reason in Alaska, the people decided to produce a vodka with a tangible taste of smoked salmon. As you can see in the pictures, any color. As for me, so red vodka is a Bloody Mary, and that moreover, a perversion. I think it’s a great tool if you’re sick, but not puking.

1. Wine on the mice

wine Meseret

I’m not kidding. I might not be smart enough to come up with a joke. In some areas of Korea (I think, very scary areas where you better not show up in night time) there is a tradition to put three days of a mouse in a bottle of rice wine and leave it there for another year. And so, honestly, then they drink.

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