9 of the best cocktails of the 2 components

Everything in the cocktails is good, except one «but»: some of them are really hard to do. But not in this case: these cocktails can be complicated. Of course, the one child who is 18 years old.

1. Paloma

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For cooking you need two things: tequila and grejpfrutovogo sparkling water. Mix, add ice and drink.

2. Ginger whiskey

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Very simple, but very cool drink, which is my favorite ginger ale. For cooking you will need ginger ale and whiskey.

3. The greyhound («Greyhound»)

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To make this «Greyhound» stuff you’re gonna need a vodka and grapefruit juice.

4. Seven & seven

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As the name implies, required the drink «7up». Attached is also whiskey. And ice if you want.

5. The Beton

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Is it really concrete? For cooking need the famous Czech bitter-sweet liqueur «Becherovka», which is to be mixed with tonic, which is successfully used «Schweppes».

6. Cuba Libre

manygoodtips.com, 10.07.2013, sbPUG2AARHOYB16R1DBWFHBfEkSdfWF1

Known to almost all cocktail, invented by American soldiers. Rum Cola — it’s simple

7. Screwdriver

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Vodka and any juice. This files most often orange.

8. Gin & ginger

manygoodtips.com, 10.07.2013, pXqZY9qAnNIzd9fNhDaCL1GLy8h9qrhG

Easy peasy cocktail, like everything else in this list. For him you’ll need ginger beer and gin. Well, ice, of course.

9. Bourbon Peach Tea

manygoodtips.com, 10.07.2013, kmvpnmLRW19biQWCA4AeSTRFm6xmIUkt

Bourbon and peach iced tea from a bottle — that’s all. By the way, delicious.

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