9 myths about the life of musicians

manygoodtips.com_13.03.2015_5HNi6MqfqRYoWWho among us has not dreamed of (and some still dream to be a good musician, to travel the world on tour, to have a dedicated army of fans (especially female fans) and making money a huge shovel? Well, even if you didn’t dream about it, you probably thought about the stereotypical life of musicians, and perhaps largely wrong. For example:

1. Musicians make creative


Myth: I will make creativity. It’s cool!

Reality: the singer Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner (nee sting) to his estate in Tuscany, a castle in Ireland, real estate in new York. He eats only organic food grown in their own beds, they watch over his personal peasants. Can Dolce vita earn? No, especially if you consider the fact that Mr. sting, he tours when he wants. Maybe somewhere in the magical Utopia you can. But on planet Earth, and at this particular moment, does not. In his book he talks about those currency manipulation that cranks through them one-day firms. Still it is fed financial institutions.

Those musicians who did not think to invest in the kosher business, forced to give up their corrupt souls in the tentacles of an octopus advertising and to sing about the «Golden Cup». Even the «Prince of Darkness» was forced to give up his family at the mercy of MTV and the show «the Osbournes». As Iggy Pop so all flows smoothly from one advertising company to another.

Who keeps a recording Studio, someone at the disco DJs, and some even manage in the printing work. Famous does not mean rich. Creativity is for the soul and fame. Of course, your penny from the creative suffering you will receive, but it is unlikely to be of gold.

2. Education is not necessary


Myth: Musician (especially a rock musician) education is not necessary – enough talent.

Reality: of course, You can tell me that James Hetfield’s entire life was motivated by drunk-a C student, and made hits at all times. I do not argue. But let’s look at the other side. There are many educated songstress. Lack of education sooner or later affects. Bassist vanilla pop band with musical instruments called «u2» Adam Clayton after twenty years of successful performances, fame and wealth went to new York to get a decent education. All musicians are self-taught, sooner or later take a learned skill. As the public’s fickle, it is necessary to surprise, to feed fresh food creativity and skills are not enough. Ozzy Osbourne took vocal lessons. Flea from RHCP, as a recognized bassist, studied a lot in jazz meters heavy guitar. When you have chosen the thorny path of the musician, the kindly master. The knowledge of such things as chords, melodies or rhythmic dimensions allows you to make flow bitekenova you creativity more measured and clear.

3. Life in the capital or abroad


Myth: All the good musicians live in the capital or abroad. At the periphery they are not.

Reality: usually, but not always. If you want your bright cheery image was shown at the concert to the day of police – then Yes! It will be easier. But if you write other genres of music, there is nothing. Krasnodar is such a fun rock band «Atrocity». In Russia, its only like the most demanding and loyal fans of thrash. But in London the guys to pack clubs and torturing them with their cries. However, in London to go not in a hurry, although it has the means. Successful Yegor Letov has lived all his life in Omsk and this does not become less popular.

In the era of the domination of high-speed Internet and continual development of technologies communication can be maintained by technical means. Live in Samara, gastrolery, who’s stopping you? And how many great musicians live in Samara!..

Of course, abroad it’s easier. Possessed Bloodhound Gang until recently lived in Philadelphia. In the capital, of course, more choice. But this does not mean that your city is not quality music.

4. Family


Myth: Labor is a musician not married or married several times, because the wife of the musician, the concept of time.

The reality is: Absolute nonsense, influenced by tales about the daily Sodom with drugs, booze and colorful vomit that covered the fans of the musician, pipelining come into his dressing room to try on a divine idol. I hasten to disappoint. So it was in the 70s, when any dude with a guitar caused an orgasm in a delicious powdered drug ladies. Now everything is easier: dressing rooms are used for the purpose they rest. Or maybe just the rockers are not the same?

Most of the musicians have wives and getting married right after graduation. Ozzy Osbourne 30 years lives happily married with his beloved Sharon. Yes, this is his second marriage. But what! But like Ozzie was having fun, nobody can. Do not have enough health. Jim Morrison tried – no luck.

Musicians relate to family life, as routine. After trips, dazzling flashes and the loss of terabytes of energy wants to go to a quiet pool and relax. A striking example – the Creator of the group nobody.one Sergei Tabachnikov, happily married. Believe me, Even Bieber wants warmth and comfort.

5. Star disease


Myth: All more or less well-known musicians suffer from star fever.

Reality: It’s all the capitalists you’re the brainwashed one. Garbage! It happens, but not all. I bet that saw him Kipelov. However, it can be easy to meet in the company of teenagers-metal, it goes in the subway, even though «Harley» would have looked better. In the West, with its infamous privacy no one will lose a finger to a recognizable face, and so the chance to see Anthony Kiedis, who was talking warmly on Venice beach with strangers, is quite simple. And with Lemmy from Motorhead, you can easily drink in one of the pubs. Just don’t try to out-drink! It is still unclear as it is after alcohol-drug diet of a lifetime still goes.

6. Sex, drugs, rock-n-roll


Myth: All the musicians inject, plump, and the dressing room becomes a brothel.

Reality: Many people mistakenly think that all rock musicians absorb decaliters of alcohol instead of blood in their veins burning heroin. But not all wizards the «shop of Orpheus» are. However, many aspiring musicians think that it is a necessary attribute to create and play music, and surely absorbed by the abyss.

However, take for example, Rudolph Schenker – the Creator and longtime guitarist of the Scorpions. This group has many stuffed on edge, they are already over 70, and they are touring like yesterday broke into the music business. And why? Sold his soul to Satan? By the way, Yes… but they say that with the right lifestyle. Red learns Zen and argues that even does not drink, does not smoke, is not pricked. Group members are annoyed by the stereotype of the «rocker, a drug addict, drunken, stoned and piss under him from stupor. They say in every interview. Many think so, but look how he and vocalist Klaus meine! Clear evidence!

7. Satanism


Myth: All of them, especially the metalheads are Satanists. Need to burn them!

Reality: Well, it’s only Satanists and «trudnykh» black — and grandfather-metalheads who play odes to Satan. At the time of the legendary Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones was actively accused of Satanism and the occult that they should not rush to deny, because it was good PR. Some musicians, however, was their attitude to religion, and so it was created such a masterpiece of literature as a metal-Bible. But recall, Konstantin Kintchev. Questions like: «Kostya, what kind of stuff you eat?» – began to arrive immediately after immersion in the religion. A bad example? Then remember Tom Araya of Slayer, who, though anti-clerical and sings songs, but is still a fervent Christian.

8. Inspiration


Myth: Back on substances. In search of inspiration, they always take drugs.

Reality: We have said that not all drugs. So, when ideas and inspiration at the end, some are turning to substances. But there are other ways. John Lennon, for example, told me that the song Elinor Rigby they wrote, walking around the old Liverpool cemetery. Some, like Serge Tankian and Billy Joel, literally on the knee to write critical texts on topics of pressing. If you have the talent, the inspiration, sooner or later arrive.

9. Rebellious way


Myth: creative People, so they always surprise the audience.

Reality: Well, this is not so. Or rather, do not all. Bob Dylan, mark Knopfler and many others just sang their songs, did not dwell on the image and scandals. They did not need it. They just wrote the music and quietly engaged in the work, not wagging bottoms and other body parts.

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