9 lazy ways to seem smarter

As you know, the ability to mow under the intellectual in the future may be one of the most important talents in your life. We already wrote about the fact that thick glasses and a book is completely meaningless and unnecessary methods, you should start with behavior. But if the previous methods did not help — here’s a new batch of tricks and subtleties. Because the mind is now in Vogue, however, not everyone has the time to bleed it the traditional way — using books and curiosity. You have to Dodge.

1. Speak with expression

manygoodtips.com_22.11.2016_M3M6B5g6U6y8KIt is not only important what you say, but how you do it. The best way to show their emotion and concern about the subject, even if all the above is complete nonsense. Don’t die in a linguistic fit, like a you academic the virgin, roused by the reading of the last poem by Sergei Shnurov, and do not need shrill wail as Edward Radzinsky that describes mouthpiece Roosevelt. Just put a little energy into your voice, let it sound a bit louder than usual. And the most important words you need to emphasize the intonation. Plus do not forget about emotions, but again in moderation. For example, look at the program of Vladimir Solovyov. Can you relate to him and his activities as anyone, but he knows.

2. Get dressed restrained

Smart, highly intelligent people don’t show a lot of skin. High face and hands, and unbuttoning his shirt to the navel like a young Simon and tell about their disagreement with the Lublin school of philosophy, at least strange.

If you want others to think you’re smart — cover up, dress decently and desirable.

No need to cover yourself with a robe, shyly lowered eyes and cover face with a mask, as in a strange film «eyes wide shut», is superfluous. But buy the jacket and try to dress in accordance with the canons of classics, without a doubt, worth it.

Yes, it’s boring, it’s trite, but when people see dressed in rags a companion, can’t take his words seriously. They start the tattoo, pimples on the neck and trying to understand how Golden shirt goes well with dark pants. Notice that even geniuses, famous for its creative madness and originality of thought, dressed decently and without kitsch. Dali, Eystein žižek never did, and so everyone knows it’s not clowns any, and the talents and the wise men.

3. Eyes — the main tool

manygoodtips.com_22.11.2016_AbYSUvz5zcsj9Here you can run into cultural differences and peculiarities, but in the Western culture to which we belong more than in East, eye contact is able to convince someone you’re right. Times already looking in the eyes, since squinting are not — it means not lying, then indeed his «visa» on the potion from the clutches of a dog — the secret of youth Melania trump.

In fact, eye contact is a very complex science. Important is not the fact that you’re watching, it’s how you look. In your eyes the person does not need to see the aggression, the hate, the boredom only confidence and interest. Why not surise and don’t blink more often than a Hummingbird flaps their wings.

4. Late sleep

It is known that smart people go to bed late and rise, respectively, too late. Sounds like gibberish and the justification of all «owls», who are jealous of healthy sleep «lark», but numerous studies have shown that individuals with higher IQ go for an hour, and then three later than their more stupid colleagues. And get up at about the same time. In fact, the great Napoleon believed that the man need 4 hours of sleep, which is very doubtful, and at the same time convincing, when you look at his achievement.

5. A bigger worry

Another study adds to the spool in the Treasury of a poor lifestyle. As they say, want to be an intellectual — live wrong.

Now, studies have shown that people with high IQ are more prone to anxiety than those who to genius is not inclined. It is difficult to say what is the reason that lit and pointed the mind with knowledge overreact to external stimuli, or that geniuses are mostly inveterate Psychonauts, but if you want to be smarter — hysteria.

6. More smile

manygoodtips.com_22.11.2016_dHctl1VzuHoRZSmile, it’s all annoying! People are smiling with more sympathy than dark, they are much faster and likable. It is believed that if a person smiles at the sight of gifs with the cat-parachutist, he and with a sense of humor all right. Again, sense of humor, not always, but often coexists with wit and witty man, by definition, cannot be stupid, because to generate a winged, ironic sayings funny content needs a brain, is markedly different from the minds of a layman. In addition, another feature of the reasonable person is the ability to laugh at himself, but from man smiling like waiting more than a boring and gloomy like the ass of the Afghan Taliban-the grouch.

7. Outside forces

But only one smile is not enough, you need to use your whole body. Keep your back straight, do strong, wide hand gestures and, most importantly, do not forget about such a powerful thing as etiquette. The more resolute and tougher you look, the more trust you. It is clear that among intellectuals full of people frail, delicate, but they have to convince with words, whereas people that demonstrates such gestures, it is easy to convince the interlocutor directly to the conversation.

8. Shorten your name

In human nature there is one interesting feature: it tends to be treated with more trust in the things that it takes much less time to understand. This is quite natural: the word «absorb» seems to be something indecent and ugly, unlike the words «suck» and «devour.»

Same is the case with names. ROS is a very beautiful name, but not everyone will understand, so better to call themselves the decency Novel. There is nothing shameful, nothing dumb, nothing vulgar, and even treason is not called. Just for ease of communication and persuasion is better to reduce, because there are certainly nerd who doubt that is your real name. In the end, many celebrities are doing just that, and nothing, all of them well.

9. Just believe in yourself

Actually, to be smarter, just enough to consider themselves smart. Of course, no scientific basis can not do, anyway, sooner or later, your legend of the genius as the crunch of dry Koszul, but the behavior, not held back by stereotypes, limiting beliefs and other psychological obstacles, are capable of very, very much. But without any basic knowledge is still not enough.

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