9 killer moves in wrestling. Part II

Let’s continue the fascinating story with the most violent finishers and brutal beats from the world of wrestling. The rules have not changed: do not try this at home and don’t forget that this is just a show. A spectacular show with elements of ballet, not casual choreography and tongue-in-cheek animal aggression. So try to repeat the blows in life – it’s like trying to operate on a patient without medical training and anesthesia.

5. Curbstomp


No need to be a Boris Burda or Fyedor Dinating to understand why surbstomp is the worst idea that may come to your mind during the fight.

It’s so horrible and lethal blow that poor Seth Rollins even banned its use in their pseudochromatic wrestling slaughterhouses. But it was his crown, his if I may say so, the meaning of existence in the ring, business card. Without this finisher is gone and a piece of the Set, for which he was loved by the fans, as if someone had destroyed his Horcrux. He was replaced by a Fall-forward single-underhook DDT and other spectacular finishers, but it was not that.

Why is it banned? Remember the warning that read the commentators during the break: «don’t try it again.» So the ban was caused by a commonplace precaution to the kids were not impressed and did not repeat their untrained carcasses this serious fatal blow.

The most obvious cause of death from Curbstomp is a simultaneous injury of the skull and face, as if hit them with a sledgehammer. Skilful possession Curbstomp’om the victim starts an unforeseen and unplanned displacement of the cervical vertebrae in the direction of Heaven or Hell. In other words, death and no hope. In fact, consider that the gap of the vertebral column is used for animal euthanasia, as well as homophobia and representatives of the Aryan race to destroy the gay and black population of America. In 2000-m to year two natsistskoi guys killed this shot black man in Tacoma, Washington, apparently, watching «American history X». In 2001-m to year, during a homophobic attack on one of the gay bars salt lake city one surbstomp’om turned the face into a homogeneous mass of bones and meat. Here’s a gay bar, which was singing Electric Six.

6. Stinkface


«Stinkface» is when to strike adds a huge portion of the image: the most shameful death for wrestler transformirovalsya cynical murder in life.

The most obvious cause of death is asphyxiation. So if overexposed ass on the face, you can simply block someone’s access to life.

Without a doubt, a normal, untrained person is going to die from suffocation after 40 seconds when the oxygen concentration fell below 5%. Of course, if he doesn’t die before the shame, besides a lot of wagging ass giddy as hell zhopny roundabouts that only brings unconsciousness.

In addition, after such close contact with the underworld all Salmonella, Shigella, Escherichia coli infectious the March pass from the hated ass on a beautiful face. Although in very advanced cases, there is no difference.

So if you’re not a hefty black woman with a large fifth point, never, under any circumstances, do not make anal asfixia. The wrestlers can, in wrestling it’s effective and painless, but in life in a round of applause will not be called a sick bastard and all.

7. Slipper hold


The goal of any retention and strangulation to suspend the passage of oxygen that goes from the neck to the head. It’s not very fun, because under the arches of the cranium lives your brain that is without oxygen, well, can not.

In this cage match of capture the combined two basic types of capture: an air choke and the bloody suppression. The first cuts off the air from his lungs, squeezing the trachea, and the second led astray by oxygen-rich blood towards the brain via the carotid artery bent. Ultimately, however, basically one and the same, often fatal: the brain cells begin to die immediately when oxygen ceases to flow, and damage the brain stem («old» parts of the brain) would mean that the rest of his days will have to spend connected to the machine.

The Marines and special forces in their training sessions suffocate not more than 5 seconds, knowing what damage it can cause to health.

To block out the oxygen, suffocating need to work about 2 minutes, but if you cut off the blood flow, the victim will fall in less than 10 seconds. Here, as in cooking: a little overexposed, the carcass will deteriorate. Pay attention, old dying watching you do choke, spit sharpened. As an example of the wrestlers don’t take it, they are like a dog that wants to bite your hand, just playing.

8. Last Ride


We love the symbolic and highly artistic poetic names. It really is «the last ride», and its completion can be compared to fall on his head from a great height: and fence, for example, oskotinivshiesya wild horse, which infuriated a hot iron or a new album Yegor creed.

In 2015, the 20-year-old man was arrested for the murder of three-year-old inadvertently. They were just playing around, furious, but the guys overdid it, and the fragile body of the baby had suffered injuries incompatible with life.

The WWE guys are careful and try to take a blow on their shoulders. But untrained normal member of the human race, most likely, in a moment after the fall will become the owner of the thud squelching mass that had once been his skull. And don’t forget, the average decline happens very rapidly, so even with a height of 3 meters, after which the fracture of the skull base seems to be a pattern than a Fluke. Even if the fall is not lethal, it is possible disability. Damage to the spinal cord to one more good arguments, but there is also a great chance to damage the fragile temporal lobe and cut the carotid artery, as d’artagnan guards the king. After such temporal nuances of the victim begins profuse bleeding, which ends with inevitable death. Therefore, to perform the Last Ride, you should not: first, you fail so beautifully, and to raise high kicking the carcass, as in wrestling, and secondly, also to ground. Don’t forget that the surface of the ring at times softer asphalt and even carpet.

9. Tombstone Piledriver


Tombstone is translated not only as «tombstone», and that is objective, understandable even touching the walrus YouTube the reason.

Just when the mass of the body as hard as he rests on the head and neck, the use of this how to treat hemorrhoids hot poker.

Let’s start with head injuries. A fractured skull is having too much pressure on the soft tissue of the brain, leading to bleeding, increase in pressure and even to what is called a brain hernia, which occurs when the pressure inside the skull so high that a little brain POPs out. If the wound is open, say infections from the outside world their «welcome».

Skull in spite of that, much stronger than you may think, and may even survive use as a hammer. But the neck not so good. Here the full set from a compression fracture to the cervical vertebrae shift. At the time the legendary Steve Austin, with a light hand Fomenko earned the nickname «Iron balls», that’s the way broke her neck, after which he has not played for 3 months. But the script can’t be changed, and therefore, the last effort had to take on the maintenance of Owen HART.

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