9 killer moves in wrestling. Part I


The basic rule of wrestling – do not harm the opponent, while carefully portraying hatred, disdain and disgust to his person. Call his family, jump on him like a monkey, jump around the ring like a ballerina, Dubas hands, feet, but not painful. In General, follow the algorithm Muhammad Ali: «Float like a butterfly, too bad you’re a faggot». Because each death, each injury deprives the sport’s popularity and attracts the angry crowd that demands to close «dangerous spectacle.»

So most of the techniques that work., absolutely safe, but only if you know how to make them right. Copying everything outside of the ring can really put you in the best case in the hospital, and at worst – to the morgue.

No need to be a genius to understand that repeatedly falls on the head wrestler of a 100-pound man leads to bruises, sprains and even fractures. Despite all the farce, which takes place in the ring, the wrestlers are constantly injured and retired are almost disabled. Despite the fact that after the battle they smile at the camera and behave as if nothing had happened, continuing half an hour after his beating to provoke his Punisher. This show, so don’t forget the main rule, which the commentators constantly mention in commercial break: don’t try this at home.

1. Soir de grâce


I must admit that the title of this punishing kick sounds quite nice. Just like the name of an Amateur Bicycle rally. However, if you delve into history, all the birds-butterflies and mercy evaporate. Literally from the old French phrase translates to «blow of mercy», also known to mean «executioner». This blow the executioner tore off the victim’s suffering. So there is nothing surprising in the fact that ill jump off the ropes with the subsequent landing of the Achilles ‘ heels on the ribs of the enemy got its name. If you have an untrained body, then it is very likely that the ribs will crack like eggshells. And chest, known as the house for your internal organs, so the heart, lungs, liver and other giblets for soup sets will fall under the hail of bone fragments. Trust me, it’s not the most pleasant feeling. Even hemorrhoids and schizophrenia take less grief.

In wrestling fighters after years of training have learned to nice and neat to fly a punishing toe. But the wrestling – a place where soldiers often firing in the air than face each other, and their choreographed jumps and grabs the harm as a baby with bazookas (lucky – unlucky). Jump on the signal, waiting for the victim to Flex and would be ready to provide the flesh for a very soft landing. In life the probability of death from «blow of mercy» – 45%. Especially wise is not necessary: the ribs, no matter how much calcium you eat, is unlikely to survive the fall velocity multiplied by mass, and the fragments will quickly get in the Essentials. Of course, it is difficult to find a life situation where you will make the shot (unless you jump off a parapet in beaten Gopnik), but anything can happen. In a small shtetl wrestlingbay associations, this attack becomes the reason for «murder on imprudence».By the way, do not have to break ribs to kill the opponent. Commotio cordis is a condition caused by a blow to the area directly over the heart. From blow the old motor just stop beating, so the wrestlers are trying to beat below. If you do not begin defibrillation within the next 3 minutes the chances of survival will be equal to 1 to 5.

2. Vertebreaker


You could see the original, pure, and certified Vertebreaker in the broadcasts of wwe 2×2. Those who do not watch 2×2, could see on YouTube how hot Caucasian guys are throwing his victims a date one-on-one with the earth, the benefit of these videos out there like dirt.

Remember: to drop people on the head is a very bad idea. Well the truth is, break neck, leaves a man at best crippled, at worst dead.

Vertebreaker the time broke not one castlerosse neck, but his simplified versions of real life, each year adding to the statistics of deaths and disabilities. Therefore, not every soldier agrees to Vertebreaker: notice how they carefully and long to have simultaneous landing on the fifth point and the head. The one who not lucky enough to be face down, must be time reject the head back (the better to land on the person, then the brunt of the shock will not go into the spine) and be sure to keep the neck tight and hard, otherwise troubles such as a compression fracture of the spine and trauma to the top of the skull, guaranteed. Don’t forget that in addition to your own weight, your head and neck will have to withstand the weight of the guy who is so ugly you arrive.

3. Shattered Dreams


Hell, what’s ironic and deep, the title of this shot! «Broken dreams»… Really, if you broke the elegant kick to the legs precious kokoski, no future, no desires you to be. Broken egg – broken life. And in the truest sense is broken: after such a heavy duty strike people can die. A die for the testicles is somehow undignified.

In fact, no wonder dad was taught as a child that kicking the testicles impossible. Throughout the history of mankind, men knew that hitting in the groin is the biggest rip – off. In 1843, in an English medical journal even printed an article which described the excesses of the Germans, compressing the testicles until then, until the person fell to the ground in convulsions and died.Since then there have been many different reports of sudden death due to testicular injury. It is believed that these people were killed, largely because of parasympathetic vascular responses, during which the brain overreacts to the injury of the vagus nerve and turns off.

A low blow so painful that you lose consciousness, have seizures, fall into a coma, get brain damage and most likely die.

So the wrestlers taunt to fit your elegant bodycon bodysuit bandage and try not to beat each other on kokoshka too much.

4. Banzai Drop


If anyone remembers, in the ‘ 90s, the WWF stage the force of his carcass was shaken by one of the most charismatic wrestlers in the history of the sport – Yokozuna. No relation to Japan, Hawaii, this guy had not, however, slanted eyes, curvy and 272 kg of live weight (weight of a live and frisky horse, by the way) it was very common with Japanese sumo.

Now imagine that Hulk jumps on top of you. Moreover, jumping, and sitting on top, mercilessly pressing on the chest and neck. To experience such, do not have to go under a horse or intrest, like Ecozone, enough for the average person.

Death from broken ribs and various complications with perforation of the lung. Crushed the larynx will prevent the flow of air, like sitting on top of people.

Chest is a fairly dense structure, so if by some miracle, nothing will break, the pressure force can be transferred to tissue located deeper, potentially leading to severe internal bleeding. Not the most pleasant and very painful way to die.

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