9 irrational thoughts about life 25 years

25 is a sacred age, one of the limits of life, after which a new stage. In any case, many think so. In childhood 25 years seem to be kind of mythical, amazing and successful adults. The reality is much sadder, and 25 without the help of a psychologist and kind of useful advice not to do. The prejudices remain, and that 23 and 24 year panic sets in. Nothing of the planned was not carried out, and… and DiCaprio not got an Oscar, and he was good. Here you can rest, read and relax.

1. Need to do all I want until the kids came along

Yes, of course, some things are better not to risk (e.g., limbs, diving next to sharks). To risk your health for the sake of fun not very reasonable, because children will grow and you with a broken spine is unlikely to find a real job. Besides, the «flower of life» constantly need something, the books, the boots, and it takes a lot of money, will cease to miss.

However, to renounce all their desires criminal. The main thing is to balance your time, money and at least a couple hours a week to spend for the hobby or learning new skills in school salsa «Feather» Askold Smogorzewska. Don’t blame the children, the matter in the right balance.

2. I need to choose one direction and follow it

«I’m 25, and I am a Bank employee. But now I extremely want to become grindcore and bartender.»

Most often it turns out that a renewed sense of purpose comes too late. No need to immediately rush to the trouble, maybe future profession greatly disappoint, as we know, there is nothing worse than working in a rural newspaper, and a reporter.

3. I can’t do what I like, because it is extremely unprofitable

Everyone knows that money makes people happy because they can buy anything. However, if the work does not bring you pleasure, you will commit suicide 27. Millionaires who are swimming in gold like uncle Scrooge, you can afford to enjoy doing in your spare time than anyone, even the gutting of the Ussuri tigers. If you get this money did not earn, then roll out the carpet towards depression. Better to do what you love. If you become a professional, be smart, cunning and a desire to cut NIS, the problems with earnings will be.

4. I’m forever stuck in this job

We all sooner or later have to suffer on the unloved work. Maybe this damned office was found on your path of life only in order to help you earn money to pay for school and find a dream job?

Work hard, to suffer, to weep, to earn credibility, then with good advice to go where milk and honey, rivers of milk and work up to four hours 3 times a week. After all, no one’s stopping you to leave.

5. I will never write a book

Many people dream of writing a book, because after reading some of the text appear puzzled question: «Why I have not written anything? After all, I can do better and more interesting!»

Well, write. One week it is difficult to write a good book. And this is a very laborious and difficult process. It takes years, and sometimes requires a complete distraction. Gabriel Garcia Marquez so even mortgaged the house and the car, to write «100 years of solitude».

And will ask you to pay attention to what kind of thing. Stephen king and JK Rowling wrote their bestsellers when they were over 40. So wait, gain some experience, still to come.

6. I’ll never get married

And be happy! As my grandfather said, «while alive, don’t get married». The less you think about marriage, the higher the probability of a quick «calcomania». Man, enjoy your freedom while you can. Then you will wistfully remember those good days, when the leaves were young, and have enough money for the deficiencies. It’s like living with the mother: to go to friends, you will need to take time off. So relax. If the ladies are not lucky, is another matter.

Life has given you time to improve and prepare for adult life. So stop whining and get to work. Can’t find a dream girl? Oh, quit whining, take and look!

In the end, do not give birth to you. For a man to marry before 30, and even a little after 30 absolutely fine. And even to get married. Where are you in a hurry? To sign as soon as possible to fill up the statistics of divorce?

7. I should be more financially stable

Mother of God… a Right to voice my emotions is Daniel day Lewis.

And even people over 40 can’t guarantee financial stability, what can you say about a 25-year-old urchins. Here, the labor market rages, doesn’t want anyone to take without experience, all the cuts, and every second is living on credit and mortgages. What the hell kind of financial stability in this country? Look what is happening in the world? If tomorrow the police will attack! winged monkeys to kidnap the grave of Kant, I would not be surprised because the world has gone mad.

It’s certainly a laudable ambition. But if you don’t reached at a young age, it’s okay. Work, and you will be rewarded on merit. Maybe not.

8. My friend, girlfriend, cousin or girlfriend who I dumped a year ago, more successful than me

Well, what to say, bad to be you. Not because you’re less successful, but because they think in such vile categories. You’ll never be happy and successful, while thinking with an eye on the other.

For close friends to rejoice and in every way encourage them, but it turns out that you comrade, like a bullet out of shit. Maybe they’re tucked up to the big trough an old friend. Look at Russian politicians – there is very often friends of friends.

And if you want to achieve something without the help, work. Everyone has their own destiny, perhaps to 40 years, when you ascend to the pinnacle of success, everyone else will sink to the bottom. Easier, no? Here’s what it is, man is complex, if you behave well, success will not keep itself waiting long.

9. I missed the opportunity

The worst is when having lived a quarter of my life… (not going to flatter myself that a third of life), you have to grieve about the loss and do not exercise plans. You did not visit Paris, wrote a novel. How is it right said now the dead philosophers? «Don’t put yourself a deadline». Paris is not going anywhere, about the book already mentioned. You’re still young, you have so much!

Setting the super-task, you run the risk of losing the small joys of youth, what you really need and want. Such thoughts only cause depression and apathy. Even the education is never too late, never too late to create rock-group (sting did it in 28), or to go to steal bananas from the monkeys in Bali.

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